Tonight at 8 pm ET, A Magickal Journey Show with Rev. Bryan Rawls, streamed Live on the Goldylocks Productions Facebook Page.

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New Moon in 15° Aquarius Transmission and the Delphinius DNA Key Code Activation

New Moon in Aquarius


The New Moon is upon us again as we step into the beginning of the week of Monday February 4, 2019 with a very charming  placement for this 15° Aquarius New Moon. We have the following: Sun, Moon and Mercury sextile the giant Jupiter and midpoint Saturn sextile watery Neptune in very blessed placements making way for some interesting energies within our atmosphere. The energies will be influencing the following areas of our life such as; communication within relationships and business, spirituality and luck. With these areas in the lime light you will see this New Moon get some public attention from many astrologers, psychics, and many spiritual folks. 

This New Moon in Aquarius has a enthusiastic influence due to its conjunct nature with mercury and trined Jupiter, it brings optimistic and esoteric outlook to the energy . We also have another placement that has this New Moon standing out to the metaphysical world. Saturn sextile Neptune midpoint which encourages a understanding and awareness that not the normal folk have. This esoteric placement brings a heightened spiritual awareness to our intuitiveness that practically will be felt on many levels. 

The New Moon conjuncting Mercury brings in deep understanding and communicative skills about the general well being and contentment of humanity. There are many opportunities that will show themselves in this placement around mundane and metaphysical growth in our pursuits of happiness. The New Moon sextile Jupiter adds to that happiness and generosity that brings understanding to the big picture of reality. Mercury sextile Jupiter enables us the ability of self expression and good communication skills in relationship pursuits and business pursuits alike. These are placements that are favorable for meeting new contacts whether they be physical or spiritual.

Saturn sextiled Neptune allows for our spiritual wisdom to obtain physical gain and spiritual gain in all facets of our lives. This brings self awareness, self discipline and patience which will quickly lead to long term success if you release all doubt and limitation from the forefront of your mind, body, and spirit. Devotion and Service will bring instant gratification and satisfaction on a spiritual level all you have to do is BELIEVE!


This new moon has some very interesting energies which make the the moon lie right between four evolutionary energies, such as:

15°13 – Saturn/Neptune Midpoint (Spiritual Awareness & Understanding)
15°30 – Kappa Delphini ( Activates Delephinus Elders)
15°45 – New Moon February 2019
16°00 – Zeta Delphini ( Activates Delephinus Key Codes)
 16°20 – Amphitrite (Asteroid 29) Representation of The Depths of our Consciousness, It shows our intuitive and mystical knowledge and the deepness of our soul and releasing and elimination of the doubt that has subdued humanity for so long. 
In the darkness of this  New Moon and the depths of soul discovery that we are about to embark on, Rev. Bryan will bring each participant through the New Moon with ease and grace. The depth that this transmission will get will be life altering fore each participant due to it’s major elimination of the debilitating energy of doubt that lies deep within sabotaging the self awareness that is each of our birth rites. 
Rev. Bryan will be commencing the New Moon in 15° Aquarius Transmission and Delphinius DNA Key Code Activation. The Delphinius DNA Key Code Activation will bring through the Delphinius Elders to download individuals with Spiritual Wisdom, Understanding, Awareness, Eliminate Doubt and Self-Sabotaging belief systems that keep folks held back from claiming there Birth Rite of Intuitive and Psychic Awareness. With every New Moon Comes a New Beginning! 
On Monday, February 4, 2019 by 11 am you will receive 2 recordings that will be in mp3 format. You can participate in the New Moon Transmission and Delphinius DNA Key Code Activation by purchasing with the following links:
New Moon in 15° Aquarius    >>>>>>>
Delphinius DNA Key Code Activation   >>>>>>> 

Once you make payment, email me with your First and Last Name and you will be placed upon altar for Ceremony.

Blessings To All of You,

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls

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Tonight at 8 pm ET, A Magickal Journey Show with Rev. Bryan Rawls, streamed Live on the Goldylocks Productions Facebook Page.

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Super Blood Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in 0° (Galactic Degree) Leo Transmission

super blood moon lunar eclipse january2019


The galactic degree Full Moon is in 0°51′ Leo is a rare total lunar eclipse. It is also a Super Moon which means that the moon is closer to earth in its orbit. This Full Moon also is a Blood Moon which it means that it appears reddish due the illumination of light emitted by the sunlight which is filtered and refracted by the earth’s atmosphere. The Full Moon is squared Uranus and opposing Mercury, and Mercury is squared Uranus. The Moon is trine Ceres and is placed closet to the fixed star Aludra. The Sun is placed upon the star Altair 02°02′ Aquarius found in the constellation Aquilla. 

The Full Moon being in galactic degree Leo initiates an exploration into the fiery sign. It also brings in a deep primordial ancestral connection to our star ancestor. This ancestral connection brings our spirit guides closer in connection as well. It also bring about Star DNA and Hu-man DNA up-grades. This will help integrate more of the new energy that is available in this new year for our Ascension. The Ascension progress and upgrades will be more intense as the days grow closer.

This Super Full Moon and Blood Moon makes this energy much more intense due to the closeness to mother earth in its orbit and the fractal of lights of the Aquarian sun. The full moon is squared Uranus which allows a lot of influence within the higher mind and brings in the potency of activating and enhancing the energy of higher awareness. The full moon being squared Uranus also will bring in breakthroughs of our souls missions activating the awareness of seeing through the veils that are in tact hiding blockages. Uranus also brings new discoveries of self, and ignites a new sense of excitement and interest in daily life. This placement in general is all about breakthroughs and moving ahead with your ambitions. The emotions are highly stimulated with this placement as well so be aware of your expression and souls magnetism at this time you are very charismatic in the energy of Uranus.

The planet of Mercury opposing the full Lunar Eclipse which may cause a bit of anxiety around our ascension process and the energy of uncertainty about our future. Just remember during this time keep a open mind and stay balanced, centered and grounded is key to tending to this energy fluctuation. The fixed star Altair in 02°02′ Aquarius our current Sun sign will help off set some of the intensity of the mercurial energy. Also the energetic numeral of 22 allows the reassurance of it’s infamous name of the Master Builder, which gives power and intensity in our manifestation and our manifesting abilities. The Sun on the fixed star Altair also denotes ambition, independence and honorary entitlement. The star Altair also shows great imagination, strong passions, and keen vision due to where it is found in heart of the constellation Aquilla the Eagle bringing wonderful visionary skills. This also means that our clairvoyance will be intensified greatly just as the Eagle can exponentially so can we within this placement. We will be able to peer into our deepest depths of our souls and see what needs to be worked on and with.

The Moon and Sun is within a trine with a asteroid which has also been reclassified as a dwarf planet called, Ceres. Ceres trine with the Lunar and Solar energy means there is a influence on our emotions and our physicality. This energy gives good luck and also the ability of resilience being able to bounce back quickly from tragic situations. Also this trine shows a tremendous amount of energy shifting around the ancestral energies of our star brothers and sisters and our humanly brothers and sisters. We come more into a awareness of our ancestral connections with our soul and star families of light. This also activates more of our ancestral DNA codes to turn on latent energies and abilities that have been waiting for activation codes within our sky. This also anchors the full capacity of The Book of Kna’Sera into the Hu-man body. The Book of Kna’Sera will intensify our internal awareness of the new energies assisting our Ascension Frequency. 

In Light of this monumental time of our souls evolution Rev. Bryan will be doing 2 particular working’s within this energetic time of creative expression of our soul’s Ascension. At approximately 10pm EST on the evening of January 20 he will be recording the Super Blood Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Transmission and a Candle burning for each participant, also will be upgrading the DNA of Each participant remotely  . The Super Blood Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Transmission will be recorded at exactly 10 pm on January 20 and Candles will be lit at exactly 10 pm ET.

The Candle burning will be placed upon a sterling silver platter with appropriate Good Luck & Good Fortune Herbs and Crystals surrounding each candle. I have 33 white candles for this so spaces are limited for the candle burning ceremony.  The Recording of Transmission will be sent out before midnight on the 21st, so that you can listen to the recording 3 times on the day of January 21st. The picture of the candles upon the sterling silver platter will be attached for the 33 individuals to see and reassured that the work was done and intentions were set.

The participation fee for each are as follows: 

1.) Super Blood Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Transmission & Up-Grade of DNA Remotely: $40.00
2.) Good Luck & Good Fortune Intention Candle Setting Ceremony: $22.00
3.) All of the Above Paid Together: $62.00 :
After Purchase has been made and you decide to do option 1 Please send First and Last Name If you decide to do both option 1 & 2 please send me First & Last Name and your (ONE) Intention. I hope you all take this rare event of this Soul Evolution of our Ascension Process and this Full Total Lunar Eclipse in Galactic Degree Leo and Spread Your Wings and Soar with your mighty intentions. Remember Kna’Sera says, “There are no limitations, you place limitations upon yourself.”

Anything is POSSIBLE!

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls

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Tonight at 8 pm ET, A Magickal Journey Show with Rev. Bryan Rawls, streamed Live on the Goldylocks Productions Facebook Page.

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New Moon in 15° Capricorn & Partial Solar Eclipse

new moon in capricorn


Happy New Year 2019

The year begins with a New Moon on Saturday January 5, 2019 at 15° Capricorn and a partial solar eclipse. This makes the energy of the New Year off to a interesting start with the partial solar eclipse aligned with the fixed star Vega in the Lyra Constellation, the Harp having a optimistic, creative impact on our energy fields. There is also a alignment with the Solar Eclipse conjunct Saturn which has a energetic overtone of seriousness to the energy and also has a beneficial energy to Neptune in awakening our sensitivities to other people’s energies and situations.

 This is a splendid time to bring new growth to a business. This is a very wonderful time for creative expression to be taken into consideration. Also for encouraging generosity, kindness, integrity, and good intentions. There is also what is called a Saturn Pluto midpoint which means that this is where the solar eclipse lies in right between these point influencing these energies. However, the strongest aspects to this solar eclipse is the sextile to Neptune and the alignment with fixed star Vega.

The strongest aspect in astrological placements is Sun conjunct Moon. It means all opportunities are on the table and you are in control of all futuristic plans. You bring yourself in the energies of a new cycle and you allow yourself transformation within a whole new year of change and excitement. This New Moon and Solar Eclipse combined is the first wave of energetic frequencies to push through The Book of Kna’Sera awakening the energies to begin to anchor into the main frame of the body, mind and spirit.


Benefits of Transmission:

  • Expansion & Growth 
  • Accessing New Energetic Awareness of Psychic Ability and Intuitive Creativity
  • DNA Up-Grades with EASE & GRACE
  • Vivid to Dream State 
  • Optimism & Creativity 
  • Authentication of Star-Seed Memories & New Hu-man Potential  


The Solar Eclipse is sextile Neptune which amplifies the energetic awareness of our psychic abilities and intuitive creativity and vividness to your dream state. The Solar Eclipse conjunct Saturn does give a more serious nature in regards to the upcoming upgrades that will come in over the next 21 days. Kna’Sera states ” January 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 will be days that will be high energy upgrades that will intensify the energies within the chakras; starting with the Root Chakra through to the Crown that will fully integrate the energies of The Book of Kna’Sera into the energetic grid of the body. These upgrades will access new energy frequencies of the New Year 2019. 

The New Moon Transmission in Capricorn and Solar Eclipse widens the shushumna, so the energies can course through our bio-energetic grid freely without obstructions. It also allows for upgrades of the new energies of 2019 within the eight cell blueprint. You will feel the upgrades come in, in many different ways as you feel each day progress towards the Lunar Eclipse of the 21-22 of January that will mark the full energetic integration of The Book of Kna’Sera. Overall, remember the energy of the close alignment to the star Vega means Expansion and Growth and allow it to bring these upgrades in and expand your potential with the ceremonies of light that you will partake in. 

In Light of the New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse, Rev. Bryan will be commencing a ceremony to bring through the energies of the transmission and solar eclipse so that all participates receive these intended upgrade properly and with ease and grace. Some upgrades leave individuals feeling energetically hopeless with many ailments from joint compression, bodily aches/pains, headaches and emotional ups and downs, this transmission will help with this. It will also help with the intensification of the heightened sensitivities, intuitiveness and psychic abilities that will reveal new revelations of our mission here on the earth plane.

So it is your best interest to sign up and give yourself permission to receive these upgrades with ease and gracefulness. Individuals that would like to sign up for this transmission the participation fee is $33.00 and will be recorded on the night of January 5, 2019 and will be sent out by midnight – 1 am on January 6, 2019.

Participants can purchase at the following link >>> 

Once you make payment all that is needed is First and Last name of individual that it is intended for. Access this Divine record of knowledge for it is your birthright to be within this new energy and to step fully into your Divine potential. We as apart of the Divine plan and the Divine Diva’s have stepped up in this new timeline of advanced energies of which potentiates our true Divine essence and our authenticity of our DNA as starseeds. 

Let Angel Wings Guide Your Dreams, 
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls-Dolzer 
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Tonight at 8 pm ET, A Magickal Journey Show with Rev. Bryan Rawls, streamed Live on the Goldylocks Productions Facebook Page. Topic: Light Language, 2019, Energetic upgrades of anchoring in the Book of KnaSera and Psychic Medium Readings.

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