Solstice Transmission and Blessing

As the “Wheel of the Year” turns we approach the Solstice of Winter in Northern Hemisphere and Solstice of Summer in Southern Hemisphere. With this occasion very sacred in my way of life I wanted to make you all apart of it. I will be consulting with The Elder’s which in return they will be providing a Solstice Transmission, as well as bring through amazing upgrades and downloads to forefront of your reality. I will also be performing a Solstice Ritual where I will be commanding Blessings for the Solstice with all who purchase your name will be included in the Blessing of The Solstice Vigil Candle Lighting .
Here are a few benefits of this transmission & blessing:
  • Upgrade of Light Codes
  • Quickened Manifestation Skills
  • Remembering More of Past Life Memories
  • Blessings bestowed upon You ( abundance, luck)
  • Increased Intuition

To participate in this Transmission & Blessing Solstice Ritual please pay $33  $$PayHere$$ <<<<<<Click there and enter $33 or go to and go to the service tab to make purchase at $33.00 Thank You So Very Much Yule Blessings

Love & Light
Blessed Be and Munay,
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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