New Moon In Capricorn December 29

New Moon Blessings

This is our Last New Moon of The Year 2016. We step into this time of great opportunity to remove negative unwanted psychic debris, as well as intensify and deepen the understanding of Twin Flame energy and sowing seeds for infinite possibilities into 2017 which marks a time for amazing new beginnings.

When the new moon is at 7 degrees Capricorn it marks a very spiritual shift and merge of the realities allowing for many degrees of clearing to go on within the bio-energetic field of our reality. Also the Twin Flame energy is prominent during these frequency of high photon light waves.
Some of the Benefits of this New Moon Transmission:
    • Clearing or Removal of Unwanted Psychic Debris
    • Deepening the Understanding of Soul Mate / Twin Flame
    • Blessing of New Beginnings
    • Increase Manifestation Abilities

Rev. Bryan will be recording the transmission then will send out the recording of New Moon 7 Degree Capricorn on December 30, 2016 by 3 pm ET.

Also, a New Moon Manifestation Spell will be cast for each of you that pay the amount of $25.00 . Please go to or go to Pay HERE  <<<<< Click

~ Rev. Bryan looks forward to this evening with you.

Let Angel Wings Guide Your Dreams Blessed Be

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6 Responses to New Moon In Capricorn December 29

  1. Grandtrines says:

    Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology.


  2. nurselisa41 says:

    Brian I want to sign up for this…. will do when I get home… catching 630 flight to Philly this am

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