New Moon in 8° Aquarius Transmission & Circle

New Moon Blessings
This Powerful New Moon is within the energies of Aquarius at 8° which is allowing the rebirthing energies to begin. As we all know from January’s Full Moon to this New Moon, we’ve all felt that churning and feeling of something on the Horizon.
 Well this is the beginning of the rebirthing process which allows for you a window of opportunity to find those blocks that are blocking you as well as step back into your power and finally realize where your place is in The Divine Plan. This is where it all begins because we have many powerful energies amping up this energy of rebirth and opening the transforming energies of Empowering Thyself.
The window of opportunity is from this New Moon to March 20/21 which is Spring Equinox which also is about Rebirth. So to bring these energies in properly with powerful intention.  Join Me in This Powerful New Moon Aquarius Transmission.
I will also be casting circle 27/28 of January to welcome in the Divine attributes of this New Moon where I will be working my magick in manifesting and birthing all of your creative ideas! Please send to me your (1) Intention Petition and the investment to participate in this New Moon Circle, $25.00
All Participants will receive a jpg photo of Altar and mp3 of New Moon Transmission. Please go to Investment of $25.00
Please click the link above to pay for the Transmission.
Thank You and Have A Magickal Journey,
Love & Light
Blessed Be and Munay,
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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