Imbolc ~ Candlemas Blessing February 1 and 2 of 2017.

Happy Imbolc and Blessings to you all. Imbolc is a time when magickal things happens. This is the Feast day of Brigid which is a Goddess of the Light which encourages the sun to warm the planet to bring about the budding of new life.
 Listen to the beautiful melodies of the animals singing there mating call. This is a time to leave your intentions for the light of Goddess Brigid allowing for the light to manifest your desires and intention.
I will be doing a Imbolc blessing for all the participates on February 2,2017 . All you have to do is simply click on the link below to change your life. Investment of $22.00  Click To Purchase Imbolc Blessing You will then receive your Imbolc Blessing in .mp3 format on February 3, 2017.
Remember if you are ready to change your life Click the Button above. This Blessing is a Huge Upgrade and Increase of you Vibration. When your vibration is high you can accompolish anything and amazing manifestation skills begin to manifest.
I look forward to channeling this Blessing for you all on February 2, 2017. If the link above does not work go to
Have a Magickal Imbolc!!!
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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