New Moon 8° Pisces Solar Eclipse Transmission.

New Moon Blessings


Greetings Magickal Beings,

    We come into this time of great understanding and wisdom unfolding before our eyes with this watery euphoric Pisces energy coming into play with this Solar Eclipse energy which will act as a doorway to understanding your inner psyche in-depth. Once this door swings open, there is no going back to the torus spin of vortex energy. This portal opens that doorway to the next 6 months allowing for Grandmother Spider to weave her web of creation once more. Allow this next doorway be your Beacon shining its light and to illuminate all the pathways that are before you and follow Grandmother Spider as she weaves her web of Creativity down the chosen path.
With the understanding that your truth and discernment is what matters most here. On Sunday  at peak of Solar Eclipse at 8 am ET and 8 pm ET,  I  will be channeling the New Moon 8° Pisces Solar Eclipse Transmission honoring both the Solar and Lunar Deities and asking for blessings on each participant. I will present your Name, Energy and Specific Situation/Intention (if you have one) to the Solar and Lunar Deity.  The following List below are some of the benefits of this Transmission:
  • Blessing/Manifestation your Intention
  • Increased Intuition/Psychic Abilities
  • New Beginning/Road Opening
  • DNA Activation
  • Third Eye & Crown Chakra Upgrade
  • 3D Body Upgrade & DE- Pressurizing
If you are interested in Participating please use the links below and Investment for this Transmission is $25 USD.
If you would like to pay directly through website please go to
For Quick Easy Way to Pay : please go to the following Click to Pay HERE
The recording for this Transmission will be sent out in MP3 format on Monday Feb, 27 by 9 am ET. I look forward to sharing this magickal space with all of you.
Love & Light
Blessed Be and Munay,
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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