Full Moon 22 Virgo Transmission

Full Moon
Welcome to this 22° Virgo Full Moon. This is the Full Moon that is right directly before the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. This Full moon energy will awaken new key codes within the Healers Heart. Allowing new insights, awareness, and upgrades to come spiraling through to activate more of our ancient healing abilities.
 This Healing Virgo moon will be setting the energy up for these Full Moon upgrades to enhance our spiritual vibration to activate ancient healing corridors in our brain that have been lying dormant for centuries. This Full Moon is encoded with Ancients Galactic Symbols of Light that will download simultaneously within your molecular and cellular structure and open these amazing files stored within the human psyche. These are what my guides are calling the Healers Rite 
This Transmission will be beneficial in many different ways. The following is a small list of what this transmission is doing for you. 
  • Brings  you a sense of  Clarity, Understanding, Purposeful Meaning
  • Awareness Increased, Healing Hands Upgrade, Hot Hands 
  • Alignment of The Chakra and Connecting with Galactic Chakras 
  • Joy, Gratitude, Sovereignty, Blessings 
I will be commencing a Full Moon Ritual and harnessing and transmitting the lunar codes for all participates. With ones that  Invest $25.00 <<<<(Click The Underlined Link for Payment Link) Or go to http://www.amagickaljourney and Find The Buy Now Button.
The Full Moon 22 Virgo Transmission will be in  mp3 format recording that will be sent to you by Monday at 9 am ET. This recording will be needed to be listened to with Headphones and a total of 3 times.
I hope you all will join me for this amazing TRANSFORMATION!!!! 
Love & Light
Blessed Be and Munay,
~Rev. Bryan Rawls 
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