New Moon 7 Degrees Aries Transmission

New Moon Blessings
The New Moon is amongst us and there are some pretty interesting aspects along side this moon.  This energy is showing some very favorable energies for Love/Relationships and then again Venus is retrograde so there’s a curve to this energy. So with this new moon the following will become activated within our psyche and physical bodies:
  • Attracting Your Soul Mate Relationship
  • Charisma, Sensuality, Understanding
  • Spiritual Success/ Financial Success
  • Activation of  Youth and Vitality Chromosomes
  • Activation of Codons within our DNA Strand

With this energy intensifying, some folks may be seeing disturbances within your relationships or finances. This is the Transmission for you all. This new moon influences the next 28 day cycle from March 27 to April 26 New Moon. This is a (4) week cycle of energy that Humanity will be ushered through.

If you are starting any new projects or if you have met someone, understand that during the waxing phase of the new moon to the full moon, the first 2 weeks of this 4 week cycle is crucial with lots of energy to manifest your potential or desire. So do yourself a favor and participate in this New Moon Transmission to make sure that this New Moon is beneficial for you in so many ways.
 I will be doing a New Moon 7 Aries Transmission on 3/27 @ 8 pm ET. If you are Interested in this transmission please go to the follow ( Investment of $25.00 )  <<< Click The Link to Purchase or If you would like purchase on website go to
The mp3 recording of New Moon 7 Aries Transmission will be sent out on March 28, by 10 am ET.
For those that Participate in All New Moon/ Full Moon Transmission from now until May 1st:  I will be entering your name in for a Drawing on May 3, 2017 which the (1) Lucky winner will receive a FREE (30) minute reading with (me) Psychic Medium Rev. Bryan Rawls-Dolzer!
Love & Light
Blessed Be and Munay,
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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