Beltane Transmission

Beltane is noted as the widest celebrated day in modern history because it marks the first day of summer or near the beginning of summer for the Celtic Wheel of the Year.  This is also a time of worship of the Divine feminine, fertility,  and also what I  like to call The Fae Day!  It is another day on the Wheel of The Year that the veil between realms are at its thinnest. It brings about many areas of opportunities enhancing the many areas of  your life. Also this day brings about a understanding and a clear communication between the living and other realms.
In light of this day Rev. Bryan will be Channeling a Beltane  Transmission on May 1st at 11:11 am ET and will then email the Beltane Transmission on the same day that it is recorded by 12 pm ET. For you to receive the Beltane Transmission. The participation fee is  Participation Fee of $25.00 or go to to make payment.
If you miss the early participation, you will be able to purchase the Beltane Transmission after May 2nd through the Store, in the MP3s Catagory, via Bryan’s website. (Link above)
Love & Light, Blessed Be and Munay,
Rev. Bryan Rawls
Office Number (586) 659-9620
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