Full Moon in 20° Scorpio Transmission

Full Moon in Scorpio


This intense powerful Full Moon is within the sign of Scorpio and is in alignment with a very fortunate star and is sextile Pluto. As we take a walk on the wild side we embrace the intuitive nature of this full moon in the intense sign of Scorpio enhancing all spiritual energies. This star brings in the luck we all will be needing to stabilize.

A lot of us will feel this deep in our gut and we must move through the energy one step at a time and make sure the energy aligns within our bodies appropriately. This full moon also sets up the energy for the Pleiadian Line- up which is a big activational period for starseeds and enlightened beings.

On The Evening of May 10, 2017 at approx. 9 pm  I will bring through the energies of this fierce transformational moon to allow for your bodies to reach optimal transmission of these beneficial energies in many way, such as:

  • Increase Confidence and Intuition
  • Increase Luck & Prosperity
  • Increase of Energetic Clearing of Etheric Bodies
  • Ancestral Clearing

With the investment of $25.00 you too can encapsulate your energy bodies with these transformational energies to allow you to step into the mastery of You! You can submit Payment by simply clicking the link <<< Investment of $25.00 or you can also go to www.amagickaljourney.com


You will then receive your mp3 recording  on the morning of May 11, 2017 by 10 am. I hope you all join in the magickal time of this Full Moon.
Love & Light

Blessed Be and Munay,
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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