New Moon in 4° Gemini Transmission

New Moon Blessings

This New Moon is a interesting one due to it’s shadow side. These aspects will be activated at 4° Gemini which continues to keep the consciousness in the dark. This lunation allows for the aspects of our consciousness that are plagued by darkness to come to full light with what has been hidden for far too long. Looking at this aspect from a intuitive perspective it is all about (Balance) allowing for light and dark to be withing a harmonious balance to further our evolutionary process.

We also have a trine configuration within our midst, if you take this into consideration its all about speed and balance. This trine configuration will also allow for change to come into being quite quick. When trines come into play mostly its about balance but this time its about how fast it can come to sweep you off this balanced structure they are allowing us to stand upon. Once we restablish our grounding cords and bring back that stability with the following transmission.

Benefits of Transmission:

    • Integration of Fragmented Aspects of Self
    • Integration of Time Codes
    • Grounding & Centering Codes
    • Balance Codes
    • Quickening Codes

The transmission will be recorded on May 25, 2017 @ 11:11 pm ET and will be sent to all participates by 11am ET on May 26, 2017.

Participation requirements for transmission is a Payment of $25.00 <<< Click Here

Once you have submitted Participation Fee check back at your email May 26, @ 11 am to listen to the Gemini New Moon Transmission.

I look forward to each of you participating in this magickal new moon!!!

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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1 Response to New Moon in 4° Gemini Transmission

  1. Jenell Rbati says:

    Hi rev Bryan, don’t forget me. We spoke yesterday. I’m due for the prosperity spell or something soon. Thank you Jenell Rbati Sent from my iPhone



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