Solstice and Stargate Activations

Summer Solstice


The stargate that brings our physical bodies ushering through this energy of the 6/21 Stargate that opens a brand new awareness to our perception of our physical bodies.  This will allow for physical perception change to every level of our being that will broaden our realities of what our human existence looks like. This shift in our paradigm brings about a natural chain of events which will happen within our physical bodies which will open you to a new understanding of your true being in a human body. As you come into awareness, do expect a few days too adjust to the frequencies. The energies will be similar to a torus spin field and will be literally incinerating anything that stands in the way of you and your true nature and wisdom of being.

This stargate opens directly upon the Solstice which allows for the us folks here on earth to come to the understanding or from our prespective means longest day of the year and shortest night of the year. In fact, This is when we bring into consideration that this is when the veil or the gate to the unseen realms are at it’s thinniest and many folk come into the understanding that this is a very powerful cycle in the wheel of the year.

In Light of this Solstice/Stargate, I will be bringing through a Solstice/Stargate Transmission to help assist humanity and her folks in the Ascension of our Human Bodies. Bringing this through will allow for your perception to be altered to bring about a change in your reality as you know it.

Participation Fee for this Transmission $25.00. or by going to

The Transmission will be sent to you by midnight on June 21, 2017.


After Purchasing please reply to this email with your First Name and Last Name so you can be placed upon the specifically prepared altar for this occasion. Hope you all begin by setting the intention for Expansion!

Love & Light

Blessed Be and Munay,

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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