New Moon in 2° Cancer Transmission

New Moon in Cancer

The blend of logical and intuitive information is on the horizon for the Cancer New Moon. This energy that the new moon brings into configuration is a mixture of the two energies of the hemispheres of the brain which brings perspectives of our reality into alignment with our vision of our self. From the depths of our right brain hemisphere we come into the awakening of our conscious perception. We stand on the wing of fulfillment as we sit upright and begin to pay attention at our outer world for the Stargate shifted this paradigm around us.

The Moon is in conjunct Mercury so this brings thats mercurial logical energy into play which brings about a great time to learn something new or something that has been hidden to come to the surface. We allow for the curious Mercury to set a particular atmospheric energy change within its field of understanding. Some Benefits that this New Moon Transmission can provide:

  • Expansive Time to Learn New Things
  • Timeline Merging & Awakening
  • Enhancement of Intuition
  • Life Purpose Awareness
  • Perception changes


On the evening of June 23, 2017 Friday at 8 pm EST, I will be recording the New Moon in 2° Cancer Transmission. The transmission will then be sent to you on the morning of June 24, 2017 for you listen to, to soak in the energies of this wonderful New Moon. You can go to or Participation Fee of $25.00. I hope you all join me for this magickal experience.

Love & Light

Blessed Be and Munay,
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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