Full Moon 17° Capricorn Transmission and Anja Cleanse & Rejuvenation.

Full Moon in Capricorn


The “Thunder Moon” is upon us now as we move closer into these amazingly wild and exotic timelines. The full moon is at 17 Capricorn that’s just the beginning of this intense full moon. We have the “Moon and Pluto” opposite of “Sun and Mars” which creates an entirely heated situation which brings people into a frenzy.

Also brings in beneficial reactions to the psyche which allows for more awakening and de-calcification of the pineal. As you become more sensitive to the rhythms of nature, you will see the deep effect the moon has upon living creatures as well as spirits. The effect of this full moon will be felt by mass conciousness upon the entire planet as well as being felt dimensionally. This full moon allows for the veils to be lifted.
On the night of July 9, 2017 I will be in ritual setting for 180 minutes receiving this 17° Capricorn Transmission and for each participant that participates within the transmission you will also receive a Anja Cleanse (Third Eye Cleanse) where I remotely connect with each individual and Cleanse and Rejuvenate your psychic center.
Benefits of this Full Moon Transmission & Anja Cleanse:

  • Increased Awareness of Higher Dimensions
  • Clarity of Third Eye, Vision
  • Increased Dreaming/ Odd Dreams/ Memories
  • Upgrade of Left & Right Brain Hemisphere
  • Upgrades to DNA Code Sequencing
  • Photonic Infusion of Crystalline Light Codes for Upper Da Tien
  • Connecting with Your Guiding Spirits
  • De-Programming of Beliefs around Use of Psychic Centers

I encourage all of you to participate in this Transmission and Cleanse and Rejuvenation of Anja Chakra.

Participation Fee for this Transmission & Cleanse & Rejuvenation is $44 USD <<<< Click Link to pay for your participation fee as soon as you send out payment please email me your Full Name and Date of Birth.

On the morning of July 10, 2017, You will receive 2 Recordings in mp3 format. Set Intention & Press Play at the time of their arrival. Listen 3x’s for maximum benefit. I look forward to the amazing energies that are about to be felt all across our planet and more and more are awakening to their divine potential take that step today!!! What are you waiting for?
Love & Light

Blessed Be and Munay,
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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