New Moon in Leo Transmission

New Moon in Leo2
This lunation brings in an ecstatic energy which ushers in a tremendous amount of aggravation due to the aspects within our night time sky. This new moon is influenced heavily by the planet Mars which main keywords here are Energy & Action.
 Leo is the sign of self-expression which you may find interesting this new moon is within the astrological sign of Leo, so is the Eclipse upon August 21st. The energy that this new moon will bring with it is a boldness and straight-forwardness. There is a secondary planet that is influencing a lot of things as well and that is Uranus. A tense aspect to this planet of change and excitement.
 This moon will sure enough will test your patience and allow you the ample amount of time to make sure you have all of your plans on a check list so aggravation and irritation do not cause any delays in your plans. Also this new moon will cause a bit of destructive energy as well as sexual tension and excitement which may cause marital relationships to feel explosive with heated tendencies, either sexually or emotionally. 
Some benefits of this new moon transmission: 
  • heightened awareness
  • enhanced courage
  • positive changes
  • fierce determination of purpose
  • and the strength for inner metamorphosis

In Light of this New Moon on 7/23 Rev. Bryan will be commencing circle at 9 pm ET to bring in the energies of this new moon. The recording will be sent to you starting on  7/24/2017 in .mp3 format. Investment of $25.00 or you can go to and pay through the blue tab is easiest!  

In Conclusion this new moon gives a fierceness behind it in the words of my Grandmother ” This would be the one of the moons to get shit done in.”
Love  & Light,
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls 
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