Full Moon 15 Partial Lunar Eclipse Transmission

Full Moon Partial Eclipse
Your drive for personal success is at its peak. This aspect asks for you to let go and surrender to the void of the unknown that accompanies this partial lunar eclipse. Surrender to what it is your gonna get ready to jump thru in the upcoming weeks as we approach a very powerful stargate.
Look at the imbalances in your life do they show you something that shows warning or caution. They speak of the void of the unknown and as the unknown is sometimes scary to others we tend to tense up. The nothingness is there for you to ASK, CREATE and BELIEVE into being create that spin field natural to your status of the high elders of Sirius.
Also accompanying this full moon the partial lunar eclipse states that this is a full reset button on your emotional state of well being. “Remember be not ruthless, greedy, or corrupted for fortune favors upon the wicked”. As you awaken on 8/8 you will have shifted into a portal of what is called The Lion’s Gate where our cosmic players are the following, the Earth, the Sun, and Sirius.
Our mother Earth and her inhabitants will receive light transmissions from both our Sun and our Spiritual Sun (Sirius). In this event I will be recording two mp3’s titled Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse 15° Aquarius and 8-8 Lion’s Gateway 2017.
For those of us having Sirian aspects within our lineages this is highly important for all of you. The Sirian Elders will Transmit high frequency codings of light for all participants with the Registration Fee $25 ea. or $50.00 for both.
We look forward to bring through this transitional light codings to raise the frequency of your light body and bring into completion our humanities next phase of evolution.
Love & Light
Blessed Be and Munay,
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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