New Moon In 27° Virgo Transmission and Updated Psychic Ability Activation.

Greetings Everyone! 
It’s time for our New Moon to come before us in the observant sign of Virgo. The sign of Virgo is known as the archetypal energy of the Healer. The aspects that the moon and other stars take are the interesting placements for our timeline. This lunar phase is in alignment with the fixed star Labrum which activates a deeper connection with our divinity allowing for a intensification within our psychic abilities, intuition and healing abilities. This star will have a deep impact on our upper chakras allowing for them to receive a a better understanding of how we communicate information across planes of existence and/or dimensions. 
The New Moon is also in alignment with another fixed star thats interesting and that’s the fixed star of Alkaid, which is associated and bound up by the energy of the ancestors and the dead when in alignment with Virgo. This placement will enhance mediumship and spirit communication. You will become more involved with your spirituality and listening for guidance upon your path. There are many positive aspects about this expansion that was first activated by the Solar Eclipse that occured in the sign of Virgo. The same sensitivities will come over you. Remember when something changes our personal boundaries change as well this transmission will help provide that and much much more. 
This new moon I encourage you to participate in the New Moon in Virgo 27° Transmission. The benefits of this transmission are as follows:
  • Increase Spirit Communication
  • Releasing Blocks around Healing and Being a Healer
  • Replacement of Personal Boundaries 
  • Enhanced feelings of Connection to Source and Mother Earth 

Also since the theme of this transmission is centered around enhancement, connection, and communication Rev. Bryan will be revising and updating the Psychic Ability Activation. To participate in these two activation’s you can go to my website at or Paypal Link $25 New Moon/ $15 Psychic Ability Updated Activation Total = $40 for both . The recording of the two mp3’s will be sent to each participant on Wednesday morning by 10 am ET

I hope you all join for this amazing updated activation and new moon transmission. Walk on the wild side and activate to your fullest potential. 

Love  & Light

Blessed Be and Munay,
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls 
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