Full Moon in Aries Transmission & Axiotonal Alignment.

Full Moon in Aries

Art by D. Eskridge

The thinning of the veils within the most amazing time of the year. The moons energy ​is in full mystifying effect this beautiful lunar aspect of Full Moon is in 12° Aries. The hunter, dying, and harvest are some of the folk names of this moon. This moon is all about physical energy and allowing the body to receive full benefit of this bolster in physical motivation. A lot of folks have been complaining about the bodies feeling drained that’s due to physical integration has been going on throughout our bodies. A lot of detoxing via fevers, colds, runny nose, diarrhea, vomiting, physical body pains etc.

Our bodies have undergone tremendous amount of transformation within the past 3-4 moons/months and has allowed for our bodies to hold more light and to release 3D programming. Now with this full moon being in the fiery sign of Aries it will be affecting our emotions as well allowing for us to be more emotional involved with our life’s purpose. So the two areas we need to keep our focus on is the physical and emotional those two area will be most affected.

In light of the Full Moon Rev. Bryan will be doing a Full Moon Transmission and the following benefits will be received during activation. 

Emotional Light Template Upgrade
Physical Light Template Upgrade 
Rejuvenation of Electrolytes, Vitamins, Minerals 
Transmutation of 3D Programming 
Immune System Support

The investment for the Full Moon in 12° Aries Transmission( Investment for Full Moon Transmission is $25.00 ) Can be purchased by clicking on that link. You can also go to www.amagickaljourney.com to purchase through there as well. The Transmission will be sent to you early Friday 10/6/2017 morning between 8 am – 10 am. This transmission will be similar to a Tune-up for the Body and Emotions and bring you motivation to move forward upon your magickal path of enlightenment.


****Special **** Special**** Special****

During this Full Moon I have been guided by Spirit to offer a limited number of Axiotonal Alignments due to the complexity of the work that is involved. So I am limiting this to the First (13) Folks. the axiotonal system is a system that allows for energy to flow along our grid systems within our body. The axiotonal system connects us to a very detailed and inter-dimensional grid system that is universal in nature. Activating this system will bring you directly into alignment with your universal purpose and rejuvenate your connection to your higher self and revitalize your entire being. This will literally pick your spirit up wherever you are on your path get you moving in the straight and narrow in the path that’s written in your chart and DNA. It also activates the psychic senses dramatically. It also progresses your Ascension 100%. The fee per person is Axiotonal Alignment $77.00 *****Remember I have limited capacity for participants and that’s exactly (13 People) Limited Spaces Available. This Session will be done via Remotely but after the Alignment is complete with participate Rev. Bryan will need to speak with individual participants about intricate information that comes up within the alignment. This information can vary from info pertaining to purpose, life situations, abilities, path, etc. So please take advantage of this amazing opportunity. *

This session only has to be done one time in your whole entire life!


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