10:10 Activation

Hi Magickal Folks, 
The annual 10:10 Gateway allows for new beginnings to happen on many levels with this powerful day approaching just hours away. This gateway is a cosmic gateway to allow communication with our Star Ancestors. Allowing for amazing opportunities to become activated within our DNA and Energy Fields. 
Some Benefits of this Gateway will be: 
  • Upgrade to DNA and Energy Field
  • Organ Rejuvenation 
  • Clarity, Rejuvenation, Activating

In light of this magickal time, our veil is thin and becoming very easy to communicate with the ancestors that came before us. So Rev. Bryan will be doing a 10:10 Gateway Activation and for participants to participate it is a fee of $15.00 for this mp3 that will be emailed out tomorrowdirectly after Rev. Bryan channels it. Participation Fee $15.00 Click HERE I hope you all join us for this Magickal Journey through this Cosmic Gateway!!! 


Love & Light
Blessed Be and Munay,
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls 
Featured Image -- 4697
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