The New Moon in 26°Libra Transmission.

New Moon in Libra
We come again to the energy of the dark moon and we are within the influence of air sign Libra. This is a influence that brings about harmony and balance. This is the new moon that will spark up social butterflies and also the energies are very favorable business wise. There is great business success in this degree also due to fortunate Arcturus being within the 3rd decan Libra. 
The new moon is closest to the fixed star Izar at 28°06′ which derived from the Arabic word “Veil”. Izar is also one of the stars that which it is believed that this is the star that our beloved Ancestors first came to Earth. It goes very well with the overall theme of October due to the veil thinning a great deal. Those with Izar strong within the configuration of their chart have a strong interest in our origins, and protective nature to guides us smoothly into future development of our species. 
The new moon also have so planetary configurations such as conjunct Jupiter and Mercury. New moon is also opposing Uranus. This planetary aspects allow for emotions to kind of be rather emotional and over-react dramatically. They also give a determined attitude when it comes to conquering tasks. Also will have a tendency to have some wild mood swings and impulsive attitude. 
In the darkness of the New Moon Rev. Bryan will be channeling and drawing down the power of this new moon. Rev. Bryan will record this on October 19, 2017 and the mp3 will be sent out and arrive by the end of the week.
Some of the benefits of this New Moon Libra Transmission : 
  • Root, Solar Plexus, Throat, Crown Upgrade
  • DNA Upgrade to Telomeres
  • Theta Brain Wave Activation 
  • Upgrade Emotional & Mental Layer of Auric Field
  • Increase Manifestation Abilities 

To Participate in this New Moon Transmission Fee of $25.00 <<<<Click HERE or You can go to an purchase. We look forward to you all awakening to the darkness of this moon. 

Love & Light

Blessed Be and Munay,
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls 
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