Full Moon in 12° Taurus Transmission

Full Moon in Taurus

Greeting Magickal Friends,

The beautiful full moon is upon us again and this luminous giant is ready to shine and awaken humanity. This luminous event is influenced by the planet Neptune which makes this a rather watery energy that will help enhance and strengthen your psychic abilities. It will also help boost your confidence because you will find a lot of what you are feeling, seeing, and hearing is very accurate. This energy that the full moon is giving allows for increased emotional awareness to release challenges around your personal path.

This luminescent moon also is influenced by the planet of Venus which is known as the planet of Love. This means that this can bring about good fortune to the relationship sector in your life. One stipulation though you must be patient and open minded to instill this into your conscious reality. This aspect will also allow you to see what areas need work within the relationship. This moon energy is gonna be in play til November 18th new moon which is gonna give a window of energy that you can successfully work with the energy of this Transmission.

These two aspects influencing the Full Moon energy is a very expansive time for you to step into more of your conscious awareness. Your dream time will also be effected by this energetic shift in our reality your dreams may become rather colorful, radiant  and creative. Below is some of the benefits of this Transmission: 

  • Enhanced Psychic Abilities ( E.S.P )
  • Relationship Awareness
  • Creativity Clearing and Enhancement
  • Up-grade to the Throat, Third Eye, Crown, & Higher Chakra’s 

To participate in this Full Moon Transmission below is the link that you click on to make the participation link Participation of $25.00 after the payment has been received you will receive a mp3 recording in your email box on the morning of November 5, 2017.

Rev Bryan will be in ritual/ceremony at midnight on November 4, and will channel the transmission that will be received. Look forward to all you joining us and participating in this most magickal moon yet.

Open your Eyes and Open Your Heart, Ask and You Shall Receive. Seek and You Shall Find!!! 

Love & Light

Blessed Be and Munay,
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls 
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