11:11 Clarion Call of The 5th Dimension

This powerful month has some enormous energy vortexes allowing for a wealth of knowledge and activation. The powerful time of the 11:11 portal opens within the 5D grid system for the first time since the anchoring of the 5D paradigm on October 28. This energy portal will be bringing through some very powerful psychological and physiological changes within our reality. As these activation’s begin to come in you will feel the density lift and feel the shifts of frequencies within your perception. As your perception changes allow for the patterns of your reality to fade away and all the worries.

Also this powerful portal brings in the energy of connection to our soul family sending that call loud and clear through the dimensional ripple of time and space. This activates our soul family frequency which then in return allows for us to reboot back to our original 8 cell blueprint. Allowing all of us to come in contact with our soul family whether they be discarnate or incarnate. As we move closer to the threshold of this portal you will feel the pressure change as the portal opens and this is when you will feel the intensity of this energy.

There will be some valuable upgrades and infusions of light that will assist the brain to receive various codes. These codes will promote tremendous shifts that will coincide with your spiritual evolution. The medulla oblongata will undergo a transformation of being able to bring more oxygen to the body through the breath. The frontal lobe of the brain will receive upgraded information from this 11:11 portal such as activating soul memory, soul language, and rites of passage for your souls evolutionary process.

This Portal’s energy will assist in:
Direct Link with Soul Family & Soul Wisdom
Assistance in Balancing The Hemispheres of The Brain
Upgrades to Medulla Oblongata
Photonic Light Infusions for Crown and Ajna Chakra
Upgrades to The Frontal Lobe
As we approach this portal Rev. Bryan will set a Altar and will be taking Intention’s of participants and recording a transmission to allow for each participant to receive this energetic portal to benefit there highest and best most possible good of all concerned. Please after purchasing please email angelicguidance13@gmail.com 2 Intentions per Participant. These intentions can be within any area within your life. The timeline for this portal to be at peak is at 11:11am on 11/11/17. Each participant will receive the Portal Activation by 12 Noon on 11/11/17. The participation fee for this Portal Activation $25
I encourage everyone to participate in this powerful portal. This portal will consciously allow for all of humanity to evolve effortlessly. Join us for A Magickal Journey into the portal of the 11:11

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