Pleiaidian Line-Up & New Moon in 26° Scorpio Transmission

New Moon Blessings


Greetings A Magickal Journey Friends & Family,

As we embrace this prodigious time of the Pleiadian Line-up and New Moon in the astrological sign of 26°Scorpio, our body, mind, and soul receive a countless variety of codes of light to upgrade the DNA. The Pleiades star system is in direct alignment with Mother Earth twice a year to allow for the Pleiades Star beings to come back to Earth’s grid to check on their experiments and seeded ones. With the New Moon being directly in the middle of Pleiadian Line-up there is a increase amount of codes that will be available to the participant of these transmissions. 
The New Moon has the influence of a fixed star called Agena at 24°Scorpio, which Agena is one of the brightest star in the third decan of Scorpio. This star is within the constellation Centaurus The mighty Chiron, which speaks for itself if you ask me. The placement of this New Moon basically has a prophetic eye within the energies of healing, spirit medicine, and the art of energy medicine and physical medicine. Chiron was the father of medicine both physical and spiritual. With Agena being within this alignment the Healer’s templates and grids are being brought it our multi-dimensional awareness. This new moon is in that powerful aspect to bring evidence of intuitiveness and psychic ability to the forefront of your path. 
The Pleiades were seven sisters: Maia, Alcyone, Asterope, Celaeno, Taygete, Electra, and Merope are activated during this alignment which each of the seven star will emit a specific tone or frequency that is going to initiate certain archetypal codes within our DNA to receive maximum flow of coded information. This is a full body event which will change the way the chakra system receives and uses energy. Each of the seven pleiadian stars will code each of the chakras with a specific tone which will allow full upgraded crystalline light. The coding’s will happen to all of humanity but only few will be able use the codes immediately, with others it will take weeks to a max of a couple months.
Some of the benefits of Receiving Both the Pleiadian Line-Up & New Moon in 26° Scorpio Transmission:
  • Maia, the Midwife – Root Chakra 
  • Alcyone, the Queen – Belly Chakra
  • Electra, the Activator – Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Celaeno, the Oracle – Heart Chakra
  • Taygeta, the Storyteller – Throat Chakra
  • Asterope, the Visionary – Third Eye Chakra
  • Merope, the Priestess – Crown Chakra
  • Template & Grid Upgrades to Bio-Energy Field 
  • Psychic Ability Frequency Enhancer 
  • Starseed Awakening Codes
  • Enhancement of Personal Power 
  • Confidence Booster Attunement
  • Multi-Dimensional Shifts within Our Conscious Reality

In Light of the Pleiadian Line-Up and New Moon in 26° Scorpio and these auspicious alignments Rev. Bryan will be channeling a Pleiadian Line-up Activation and a New Moon Transmission and there will be a Altar set for this occasion to capture the elegant energy of this powerful time. So all in all, You will receive 3 items.  The Participation Fee is $44.00 

  1. Pleiadian Line-Up Activation
  2. New Moon 26°Scorpio Transmission
  3. Altar .jpg photo of Concentrated Energy  
​The energy of the mp3’s will be needed to listened to a total of 3 times each upon receiving them. You will receive the mp3’s and .jpg photo on the morning of the peak day of the Pleiadian Line-Up & New Moon which will be November 18, 2017 by 12 noon. We Hope you Step Up To The Conscious Choice of Stepping into your personal power! A Magickal Journey Awaits!!! 

Love & Light

Blessed Be and Munay,
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls 


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