Black Friday/Cyber Monday/November Specials

Greetings A Magickal Journey Clients and Family, 
 Awakening to the reality of Thanksgiving and Black Friday and Cyber Monday is right around the corner. 
It’s kinda scary to a certain degree due to how quickly time has flown by. Its my personal belief that we are crashing old timelines that serve no purpose here in our 3D physical reality any longer. We must keep in mind our body and soul are within the 5D energy.

We are installing new timelines. As we move into this magical season we awaken more of our authentic self and more of our innate wisdom that’s instilled in our coding of our human DNA templates. As we move closer to the next portal that is opening for mother earth and her inhabitants. The portal allows for a intense concentration of energy to be available for extra support for the Healer and the receiver. The Portal also brings a sense of new beginnings so check out these November Special Prices 

In Light of Thanksgiving & Black Friday, Cyber Monday the rest of November
A Magickal Journey will presenting specials on all Intuitive Readings, Healing’s, Classes, empowerment’s,  
for a limited time til December 1st, 2017 then there will be December/Christmas Specials will be presented! 
Specials for Black Friday & Cyber Monday & November Specials
Start Date November 22, 2017 – November 30, 2017
Payment Link ( You will need to enter the amount listed below )  <~~~~~~~ Click Link to Order Special Priced Session 
Intuitive Readings 
  • 15 mins = $33.00 
  • 20 mins = $44.00
  • 30 mins = $55.00
  • 45 mins = $88.00
  • 60 mins = $111.00

Chakra & Aura Maintenance

  • Cleanse & Alignment = $55.00
  • Coded & Upgraded  = $77.00

Petitioning Deities & Saints = $22.00

Spell Work/Workings =$44.00 
Vigil Candle (setting of Lights) = $11.00
Healing Session ( Mixed Modalities) = $44.00
Karma Clearing = $55.00 
Reiki Healing 60 mins = $77.00
Reiki Healing 120 mins = $111.00
Reiki Attunements of Any Style That I have been attuned too
 consultations is required before this service can be rendered.= $200.00 ($300.00 value)
Empowerment’s Buy one at regular price get 2nd half off. 
Galactic Origin Reading = $122.00 
Spirit Guide Reading = $111.00
Life Purpose/Divine Purpose = $122.00 
Past Life Regression /Reading =122.00
Spirit Animal Reading = $77.00
Galactic High Council Reading $144.00 
Ascension Reading $111.00
Ascended Master  Reading $111.00
Star Family & Soul Family Frequency Session $111.00
Faery Class =$333.00
Angelic Communication/Facilitator = $333.00
Traditional Witchcraft & Herbalism Basic/Intermediate =$750.00
Traditional Witchcraft & Herbalism Advanced = $675.00
Light Language and DNA Activation Class = $555.00
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