(2) NEW Sessions (*Stargate Soul Healing*) & (0)Portal Opening of The Ancient Lotus(0)

StargateStargate Soul Healing (2)(90 Minute Session) = $244.00 (Original Price of $444.00) This session was channeled through by the Sirius B Council of Light from what is known as the star satasis. This energy is mainly worked within the energies of the feminine archetype by one of my Sirian/Orion/Pleiadian new guide(s) that I have been working with extensively named Ashen’dea Amneris Aonalana which has directed the direct directions for the energies to come thru which will bring u into more understanding of your soul and souls origin and why you brought here to earth to achieve, work through or even learn about life lesson that are needing to notices this session brings you through the stargate through multiple journeys learning about your affiliation with the star realm and why it is now important for you to bring this power back in your memories because time is coming where our planet and galaxy are going through major shifts that have brought on influx of energy waves coming on the planet.

Portal Opening of the Lotus (7)30 Minute Sessions = $244 (Original Price of $555.00) This is opening the Shamanic Portal’s through which these shamanic portal hold on to certain types of trapped emotions and really make the energy of the chakra really hard to function through your day to day life. I have been also working extensively with a energy by the name of Ravyn Wolf resembles me in alot of ways very strong energetic being which has studied extensive with magickal practices and is a very good friend in the spirit world we have become we are also accompanied by our pack of wolves that surrounds us that there are specifically 7 each one of these wolves holds a Lotus flower between each paw and they are closed and ” they say with each opening of each portal the flower will bloom by removing the past gloom, doom, despair, shame, blame, hate, past life memories. Each of these 7 wolves will have a gift that accompanies the Portal of The Lotus opening within each of the 7 main Chakras.

These current prices only are available for a limited time they go back to original prices on January 3, 2018

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