12:12 Stargate/Portal/Gateway

We are within a powerful time called the 12:12 Stargate/Portal of Light. This is a Ascension gateway that happens once a year to bring more light into the Body, Mind, and Spirit to allow for spirit evolution to come into the understanding we are beings of light with tremendous inherent power that has and needs to be awaken. Those of us that are already awake we will feel the energy move fully through our bodily systems in waves of harmonic frequencies.
 The codes coming from this 12:12 Ascension Stargate Portal will be intense one that will bring about great change in beginning new adventures and endeavors. Those of us that are not awake will awaken gradually over the period of time that a lot of us light workers are calling it ” The Soul Awakening Reboot”. For us that means that at the direct time of the 12:12 portal opening we will notice subtle or dramatic shifts roll through our body which will feel as if we are being rewired.
 You see in numerology 1+2+1+2= 6 which is the number of the humanitarian which this will bring parts of the nation of the seen and unseen worlds together closer to bring more peace and integration for mother earth and her peoples. As we approach this Portal/Gateway we become more and more anxious, energies become more intense and sometimes things may get blown out of proportion which makes a lot of us humanoids become very paranoid in a sense of us running out of time. 
This 12:12 Portal/Gateway will help and be beneficial for the following:
  • Activation of The Sacred Heart
  • Connection of The Crown, Third Eye, & Throat
  • Strengthening of your Communication with your Star/Soul Family
  • Activation of Holy Trinity Energies 
  • Activation of The Left & Right Brain Hemisphere & Broca & Weirnecke Areas of the Brain.
  • Integration of your Mother Tongue ( Your Original Species Language) 
  • Capacity of Activating your Light Language 

Rev. Bryan will be recording this Activation on 12/12/2017 @ 12:12pm EST and will have a set altar for viewing so that all that participates can concentrate on energies that are present within the Activation. For those of you that would like to participate please follow the link >>> 12:12 Stargate/Portal/Gateway Activation. Please send me one intention for the Altar to be placed on while transmission is being transmitted so please provide name and intention. You will receive the transmission email by 12/12/2017 @  by 2pm EST. So I ask you Are you ready to be powerful and be YOU!!! Show yourself some gratitude for making it this far because it’s different for a starseed. I hope you all join me for the 12:12 Activation Have a Magickal Night!!! 

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2 Responses to 12:12 Stargate/Portal/Gateway

  1. nurselisa41 says:

    I want to be involved in this… I’m getting messages and dreams in the coming very strong

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  2. Rev. Bryan Rawls says:

    Please register by clicking the following link paypal.me/amagickaljourney/25


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