New Moon on December 18, 2017 ~ 26° Sagittarius

New Moon Blessings
As we come into the energy of the Dark moon in 26 degrees Sagittarius, we come into a new timeline of understanding and new grids we will begin to work on. We are speedily moving through this paradigm and as the time continuum speeds by this lunation, our new moon will bring in these changes before the upcoming energies of Solstice. Solstice is the matrix shift when everything will begin to take place here in this dimension. You will see things shift very quickly as the time space continuum is moving ever so quickly to our next new awakening and the awareness of finally stepping fully within this physical reality as you declare what is dropping around you and what it is you are wanting in this new reality. 
Benefits of this Transmission:
Clearing of timelines & grid systems
Breaking down of This Matrix 
Reintegration of New Matrix 
Realization of Manifestations 
In light of this New Moon on the night of the 17th (which is actually really the morning of the 18th) our New Moon is in 26° Sagittarius at 1:30 am. Rev. Bryan will record the transmission accordingly and for participants that would like to receive the transmission on the morning of the 18th by 10 am ET.
You will receive this transmission by email in .mp3 format. The participation fee is

Fee of $25.00 can be sent by clicking on link above.

Are You Ready to Step into your new depiction of your reality? 

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