12/21 Solstice Transmission

Winter Solstice
As we grow closer to the energies of the Solstice this is a very auspicious day for many reason this is the beginning of our new book of records coming into play. As we approach the Solstice this is the vibration that brings in the energy of New Earth (The Book of Sahara) directly parallel of our book of records allowing the new templates and new grid systems to begin to download in our existence of 3D reality. We will feel this through every fiber of our being. This energy allow us to experience and feel the shift in our reality as we know it to be so. 
This new book of our reality brings in the direct links, portals, gateways and star gates to navigate ever so easily through this new reality. The book of Sahara holds new information as we begin this new era we will find that being embodied holds a brand new understanding of being in our bodies. This reality as we know it will begin to start shifting everything inside of us and around us. This book is very interesting as I personally flipped through the first couple of pages as we move into the new timelines we will feel the shifts in us as our new sense of awakening comes back into full swing for us.
 It all about empowering ourselves to know we are god in form we have the spark of the divine in us as we speak something into existence it bring the frequencies into overdrive allowing for what we ask for to manifest a trillion times faster than within the book of Akash. The book of Sahara shifts us into our Avatar self when nothing that we think, do, or see really matters it’s what we already know and declaring and feeling is the sensation within this book. 
Some benefits of this transmission:
Opening and Awakening of New Timelines 
Building of our New Matrix 
Integration of this New Matrix 
Reclaiming Our Avatar Self
Declaration of Empowering 
Self Liberation 
In light of this Solstice Rev. Bryan will be channeling this New Book/Matrix and bringing it in completely in template form and then installing the commands of The Book of Sahara. Upon completion of the installation we will close the book of Akash with deep gratitude and Open the new book with ease and grace.
The Participation fee for this transmission is paypal.me/amagickaljourney/25

Empower Yourself and Enjoy the new found glory of new oneness and liberation of self!!


Love & Light, Blessed Be and Munay,

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls 
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