Full Moon in 11° Cancer Transmission

Full Moon in Cancer
We start the 2018 off with a beautiful Full moon in Cancer at 11° Cancer in a watery grand trine. This moon connects with the energy of Mars, Jupiter and Neptune which gives this moon a rather emotional placement. With us being fully in the fifth dimensional consciousness this means that our emotional reality in this new frequency is being shifted in very powerful ways. There will be a intensity and shift in our awareness around our sentient ways. Which this gives you a understanding more of your fifth dimensional avatar body. 
Relationships will also excel to a whole new way as well so this is including love, business and personal relationships. Any old issues will come to the surface and will be exposed in the light of the full moon so be expecting folks to being brutally honest due to the raw intensity of the cancer full moon. This also includes relationship with the “self” as well it will allow you to know more of your soul features. 
Your avatar body is fully coming into alignment with the shift of the dimensional frequencies and in reestablishing the new timeline for the avatar abilities to activate due to its intense effect on the causal body chakra. This will allow the access for the abilities that you have attained in previous lives and future lives allowing access and knowledge of them to put them to use.
Some benefits of Full Moon Transmission:  
  • Activation of Emotional Body in 5D
  • Activation of Avatar Body & Abilities 
  • Activation of Causal Body Chakra 
  • Activation of New Timelines & Grid Systems 
In light of this Full Moon and this being the sign of Rev. Bryan’s moon sign this will intensify the receiving of the codes for all who participate. The participation fee is paypal.me/amagickaljourney/25

Awaken Your Avatar Body and Abilities and Live without limitations Access Your Divine Power NOW!!! 


Love & Light, Blessed Be and Munay,
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls 
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