New Moon 26° Capricorn Transmission

New Moon in Capricorn
As we approach a new series of eclipse we ramp up the shadow aspect of this new matrix with the first new moon of the year in 26 degree’s Capricorn. This brings about deep impact upon sectors of your life regarding love and money. All change that is influenced within this dark moon phase will bring about success and harmony. This new moon allows for a quickened burst of inspiration and vigor.
Most of us around this time will feel the energy move more in a upbeat motion. As we reach peak shadow phase you will feel the energy start to show itself in the correct experience for you. This is allowing for the different energies within this matrix to finish downloading into the main frame of bio-energetic field.
This shadow aspect of the new moon will show different aspects of your life coming to fruition. However, due to the cross energies be mindful not to interpret your dreams and visions in the wrong way. Most interpretations you receive will show as negative but do not fear. These are just the shadow aspect coming forth. Be mindful to these visions but if positive reigns in your life a positive outcome will be received. Not everything is as it seems during this time. A negative is not always negative just as a positive is not always positive.
Benefits of this Transmission:
Bio-Energetic Upgrade
Shadow Aspect Integration
Integration of New Matrix Energies
 Reflection is a key part of this time as we download the new transmissions in the matrix of life. This is a perfect time for meditation and astral projection. As the connection to your inner light is strong and radiant.
New and positive outcomes will begin to come as we look toward the ending of this New Moon. Change is on the horizon as is spring. With the breath of spring and the bloom of early flowers your fruititions for this New Moon and the resolutions from the previous Full Moon will appear and be manifested.
To Participate in this New Moon Transmission please click link provided >>> The fee to participate is $25.00 you will receive the Transmission by 12pm Noon on 1/16.
So enjoy this Shadow Moon as I like to call it and make most of your meditations. This year is looking up and the downward spirals of 2017 are being left in the past as we drive upwards through 2018.
Love & Light,
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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