January 31st Super Blue Moon Eclipse

Super Blue Moon Eclipse Jan2018
With this rare event just days  away this is called the Super Blue Moon Eclipse and will be very intense in change and emotions. This full moon is in a placement of 11° Leo and in close alignment with the star Ceres. The moon being linked with the emotional state and with the divine feminine this is the anchoring of the new matrix, also this is the seeding of The Book of Saharra which codes this record into humanity and fully anchors the energy of Saharra within our reality. Saharra being the master that is presiding over this particular record. 
This lunar influences is a reset of your emotions allowing for clearing of the ancient soul baggage that your being carries allowing for the body to purge purely. This means that our communication between our significant other and other personal relationships may have a bit of raw energy within in them. Some may experience this as things coming to the surface or coming to the light and exposing truth of self and others. 

Benefits of this Transmission: 

Anchoring of The New Matrix ( The Book of Saharra ) 

Connection with The Divine Feminine 

Coding of The Saharra Star Gate

Divine Blessing 

Enhanced Intuitive Abilities

Reset of Emotional Body

With this very special event approaching quickly do not hesitate to sign up for participation in this Transmission at the following link paypal.me/amagickaljourney/25
I will be in ritual during the time of peak energies preparing and receiving the transmission. All participants will receive by 12 noon on January 31, 2017. 
For those of you that are following me and listening to the upcoming radio shows, I am appearing on I will be appearing on The Transformation Show with Host Durva on January 31, 2017 @ 5 pm EST.  Please click the Following Link to Join The Global Telesummit    https://dl347.isrefer.com/go/TTS/amagickaljourney/
We Look Forward To this magickal event for your expansion of Self Realization.
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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