Feb. 15 New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse 27° Aquarius Transmission

New Moon in Aquarius


The upcoming cosmic event is definitely a catalyst for change, with this New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse on Thursday February 15 in 27° Aquarius. This event will be a doorway or portal to your soul’s excellence. This solar eclipse provides a clear path of journeying through this matrix allowing for a complete cosmic reboot within the matrix grid systems. It’s similar to a update of mother earth’s grid systems which deeply effects us due to the crystalline structure we are. As this update is cosmically received for the highest good of all we will see our current belief systems continue to crash until the shift of Uranus goes into Taurus. 

The eclipse will also provide freedom to explore the soul’s gifts, it will shift the energy off of self and more into a humanitarian service perspective. As we look into the depths of the soul and retrieve the ancient information that has been within us all along we birth the existence of our brilliance as we keep moving ever so quickly through this reality. As some of you may already exercise your soul’s abilities and gifts more will awaken and limitation of current gifts will lift with great ease. This eclipse portal also activates more of Saharra’s Stargate for it to be used as a multi-dimensional transportation and communication system. 


Some Benefits of This Transmission:

Activating Soul Gifts and Abilities 

Receiving Codes for Stargate of Saharra 

Cosmic Reboot of Earth Grids & Bodily Grids 

New Beginnings 


To Participate in this New Moon Solar Eclipse Aquarian Transmission please register by clicking the link provided >> paypal.me/amagickaljourney/25

Once you register please email me your name so your name can go on altar for this solar eclipse transmission. Your soul deserves this energy transmission to show you your brilliance. As you step into your souls awareness you allow your power to shift many aspects of your reality.   
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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