Full Moon 11° Virgo Transmission

Full Moon in Virgo


The Full Moon on March 1st will be eleven degrees in Virgo, with an opposite in Neptune and positive aspects to Saturn. 

What to be watchful for with the Neptune involvement this full moon is issues within relationships. There may be increased problems because of a fixed star conjunction, concerning confusion (or lack of communication), negative inner feelings/habits/actions. 
The positive influence of Saturn makes it better possible for you and others to own up to your actions and confrontational manners. 

This full moon is a great opportunity to practice patience and willpower to undo or break unhealthy habits, which would be beneficial to you as well as your love life. Channel your intuition in creative ways as Neptune is the energy and the visionary and mystic so that will boost the energy of your psychic abilities dramatically. 

Benefits of Full Moon Transmission: 
  • Upgrade to Light Body 
  • Enhancement of Psychic Abilities 
  • Re-Connection to Your Heart 
  • Elemental Connection 

 Take the opportunity also to rehabilitate your body and soul, and purge yourself of physical or spiritual impurities. To participate please pay at the link provided here Participation Fee $25.00.

Rev. Bryan will be in circle at exactly 7:51 pm Eastern Standard Time Zone to transmit the energy. This mp3 recording will be sent to you on March 1st by 10 pm ET. Please email me your first and last name to be placed upon the blessing bowl upon the altar. Await the magick begins! 

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls

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