New Moon 27° Pisces Transmission

New Moon in Pisces


The darkening of the moon in 27° Pisces allows for reflection and exposure to aspects that need to be worked on, within the alignment of Chiron “The Wounded Healer.” This alignment is exposing the deep wounds of the psyche and allowing for understanding and contemplation to happen deeply within our sub-conscious mind. As this lunation continues to unfold we grow ever so close to the Spring Equinox which intensifies the energy of this New Moon. We come to the beginning of a phase of growth within our matrix to expand and illuminate the Soul aspects. 

The new moon will bring harmony and balance to the elemental energies of the body and allowing the elemental circuitry to be harmonized. This will greatly benefit the psyche and physical body. The New Moon in water sign Pisces will be a intensification to our natural instinctual nature making things a bit impulsive and animistic. As everything comes into harmonization there will be big physiological changes in all sentient beings. On the day of the New Moon expect some psychological and physiological changes to go on due to our bodies coming in contact with the waves of energy from the geomagnetic activity that we will experience as well.


Benefits of this Transmission:

Updates & Upgrades to The Bio-Energetic Field

Clearing the Ancestral Lineage of The Wounded Healers 

Awakening & Birthing the Elemental Circuitry 

Aligning & Harmonizing the Elemental Circuitry 

Upgrade The Psychic Self & Healer Self 


Rev. Bryan will be in Ritual on Saturday March 17, 2018 @ 8:11 am ET at power peak of the New Moon in 27° Pisces. There will be a working altar with participants names in a bowl which will be immersed in the energetic profile of the New Moon in 27° Pisces. The Participation fee for this Transmission is $25.00 and can be Purchased Here or by replying to this email and I will then send a invoice. Please after purchasing please reply back your First and Last Name and Birth Date so that your Awakening and Birthing of your Elemental Circuitry is properly awakened and birthed. 


Let Angel Wings Guide Your Dreams, 
Rev. Bryan Rawls-Dolzer 
Ordained Minister, Certified Psychic Medium 
Certified Fairyologist & Realm Reader,
Light Language Channel & Universal Channel  
Angelic Communicator & Facilitator,
Light Code & Star Ki Code Activator, 
Certified Reiki Master Teacher, 
Esoteric Energy Acupuncture
Practitioner of “Gypsy Magick” & “The Old Ways”
Website Banner Bryan
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1 Response to New Moon 27° Pisces Transmission

  1. Janet Young says:

    Hello Bryan,

    I would like to purchase a complete chakra clearing please. I have had some trouble using pay pal in the past (ended up double paying). Could you please send me an invoice for a chakra clearing? Thank you. Much LOVE to you.

    Smiles, Love and Light,

    Janet Young


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