New Moon 28° Aries Transmission

New Moon in Aries


As we move forward with this new moon in 28° Aries we move into a forward approach to all sectors of our consciousness. We the elders encourage you to push yourself past your comfort zone to embrace a desire to be independent for your search of empowerment is under way with this new moon transmission. There is a shift in frequency for humanity as the planet Mercury moves in a more direct fashion ushering in ever so simple instructions to gain a more positive approach in making things easier in form of plans and forming agreements. 

This new moon also aligns with the planet of Uranus getting the planet ready for the influx of energy that has been mentioned before with Uranus moving into the astrological sign of Taurus on the 26th of April. Which this is a big change for human consciousness around the new beginning of financial and personal empowerment. This placement will allow for a fresh burst of innovative energy. 

In light of this (Rev. Bryan) will channel a transmission that will allow for a innovative pure channeling of pristine energy to allow for a clear path of opportunities to open up for you. To participate within this journey of the Aries 28° New Moon Transmission use the following link You will receive the Transmission on the evening of April 16, by 10 pm ET.

Step forward on this Soul’s Empowerment of these Coding’s of Light to inspire and create a new expression of you.

Let Angel Wings Guide Your Dreams, 
Rev. Bryan Rawls-Dolzer 
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