Full Moon 9° Scorpio Transmission & Beltane Ritual

Full Moon in Scorpio


It ​appears that time has quickened and we are upon the second blue moon of the year as well as the magick of Beltane is crisp in the air. On April 29/30 depending on where your located on Mother Earth decides when you have the full moon with it being in 9° Scorpio means this is a omen of success and stability. This night has a big possibility of having a very heavy impact on our emotions and allow for deep change and renewal psychically. This full moon has a very important aspect Moon sextile Saturn which has some very protective energies surrounding the placement. 

The changes that have been made in the past new moon will crystallize and solidify within your day to day agenda which means positive improvement to your everyday life is within cosmic alignment with self nurturing capacities. Saturn and its placement with the Full Moon has very strong energies of determination and success. This is a marveling time for magickal traditions for ritual and ceremony as all lunar cycles are but this one the cosmic universe supports us tremendously with this lunation so close to the Celtic Holiday of Beltane and with the moon placement with the planet Saturn.

Benefits of Full Moon 9° Scorpio:

  • Psychic Ability Enhancement
  • Divine Soul Template Upgrade
  • Profound Change & Renewal

The Celtic Holiday of Beltane is a ancient fire festival which marked the beginning of summer. If your familiar with the Wheel of the Year you will see that Samhain is the polar opposite of Beltane which means the veil is at it’s thinnest once again. This time is a very magickal time indeed it is when the sidhe or faerie folk are most active. The Beltane fires were lit to protect and purify livestock and village people from the mischievous fey folk. Folks would also leap over the fires for prosperity and fertility, and prepare their foods on the fires to bring blessings. They would extinguish their own hearths and candles at home, and relight them with an ember brought from the sacred Beltane fires. This would give them the capacity to carry that protective, purifying fire into the home to continue to bless them.

These rituals were also meant to be performed to connect to the warming powers of the Sun to know and trust that the crop would be bountiful. In the morning hours of Beltane village people would be found gathering dew from the leaves and grass to bathe there faces due to the Beltane’s dew having magickal properties of longevity, youthfulness, glamour, and much more. The maypole is another Beltane tradition which has it’s wonderful qualities related to fertility.

Benefits of Beltane Ritual:

  • Enhanced Spell work 
  • Sidhe (Faerie) Blessings 
  • Purification, Consecration, Amplification  


In Light of these two powerful moments in our magickal path, I ( Rev. Bryan ) am gonna be performing two very powerful rituals one for the Full Moon 9° Scorpio Transmission and one for Beltane Ritual. I am being told to give these two amazing opportunities to manifest your souls true divine power and enlightenment. The full moon transmission will be recorded in mp3 format. There will be a picture in .jpg format of Beltane Altar for reflection and manifestation. With each participant I will Purify, Consecrate, and Amplify your ability to connect with the Elemental Realms. Each participant will need to reply back to this email with the following information:

One Detailed Intention for Beltane Blessing
To Participate in this Full Moon & Beltane Ritual go to following link >>> paypal.me/amagickaljourney/35
Participation Fee $35.00 

You will receive the mp3 and .jpg on April 30 & May 2 
Note: May 1
 is Beltane Ritual Day Rev. Bryan will not be having any afternoon or evening appointments. 

Thank You and Happy Full Moon & Beltane!!! 

Let Angel Wings Guide Your Dreams, 
Rev. Bryan Rawls-Dolzer 


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