New Moon 24° Taurus Transmission & Pleiadian Line Up 2018 Transmission

New Moon in Taurus


The month of May has been quite interesting thus far, Beltane and now a Taurus New Moon and The Pleiadian Line Up …  interesting time indeed. As we approach this time of great significant energies approaching and entering Earth’s atmosphere. This new moon allows for us to practice the essential understanding of Faith, Hope, and Charity within our spiritual path. The new moon is in the astrological sign of Taurus at 24° and the peak of energy will be felt at 7:47 am ET on the morning of May 15, 2018 which will then encourage a burst of invigorating energy and power to the course of our spiritual path. This is a excellent time to start new projects and new ventures. Also a lot of folks will find this new moon beneficial for Initiation or rites of passage. It’s a great time for groups of like minded individuals to search for new ways to venture down the spiritual path to progress further upon the ascension energy pathways. The effects of this new moon will last til June 13, 2018, however the best time for fresh beginnings are the first 2 weeks of this new moon cycle. You will overall have a great sense of power and influence over your life allowing for positive transformation and, and unconscious transcendence of your higher self on the akashic plane. 

Benefits of New Moon in 24° Taurus:

Revitalizing Energy Upgrades
Connectivity to Higher Self 
Opportunities for Love and Money 
Hope, Generosity, Community Spirit 
Problem Solving Resolution
Pleiadian Lineup
Also during the time of the New Moon we have Pleiadian Line Up 2018, which is when the Pleiades star cluster is conjunct with the Sun. The Pleiadian energies are strongly felt during this alignment as they are infused with the Sun’s energies. Pleiadian Starseeds should look forward to spiritual downloads, upgrades, and communications with the Pleiadians at this time. If you are a Starseed you will wish to receive these energies with the Sun beating down upon your Third Eye & Crown Chakra. This is also a great time to charge crystals, water or any other objects with the abundant Pleiades energies. If you are wondering if you have these placements please look to your birthchart for the following 24°-29° degrees Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn: or 0°-3° Gemini, Aquarius, & Leo. Should you find these alignments in your chart know that your Pleiadian karma has been intrinsically integrated with well being and good wishes and also can indicate previous Pleiadian incarnations.

Benefits for Pleiadian Line- Up Transmission:

Pleiadian Upgrades & Downloads 
Awakening & Expansion of Third Eye & Crown Chakras
Opening of Pleiadian Stargate 
Activation of Pleiadian Keycodes 
With these two very powerful transmissions you can take back your full potential as a Starseed. To receive these two powerful transmission’s you can participate in this event by clicking link >>>>
Once you have made the transaction, your name will be entered on a list that will be present on the altar during the transmission. You will not want to miss this two powerful transmission that will instantaneously change the way your perceive your Power. Know You are a Powerful Starseed. Believe in Your Star Brothers and Sistars for they come to you with important information and energy that is valuable to your planetary ascension and personal ascension. You will receive both mp3 recording by May 15, @ 11 pm ET.
Come join me and your Galactic Brothers and Sisters.
Let Angel Wings Guide Your Dreams, 
Rev. Bryan Rawls-Dolzer 
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