New Moon 22° Gemini Transmission & Prep Sequence for Solstice

New Moon Blessings

As we begin to approach the energy of the New Moon it will be in 22° Gemini and will be in conjunction with eight fixed stars between 21°- 25° Gemini, meaning the influence of the stars will begin code sequencing to prepare for the upcoming Summer Solstice/Winter Solstice depending on the hemisphere you live in. The New Moon falls smack dead right directly in the middle of the eight stars. The influence of the following stars will have biggest impact on our energetic and physical bodies, fixed star Mintaka, fixed star El Nath, and fixed star Capella. Also take note in the master number 22 it is a pattern here and it’s meaning is the anchoring of the 22 multi galactic diamond energies into Earth’s atmosphere. We will feel this greatly within our head area’s especially as our atmospheric pressure will be influenced. This may include popping of ears, headache, third eye activation, crown activation. 

1. 21° Gemini Fixed Star Bellatrix (Orion)
2. 22° Gemini Fixed Star Capella (Auriga)
3. 22° Gemini Fixed Star Phact (Columba)
4. 22° Gemini Fixed Star Mintaka (Orion’s Belt)
NEW MOON in 22° Gemini 
5. 22° Gemini Fixed Star El Nath (Taurus)
6. 23° Gemini Fixed Star Ensis (Orion’s Belt) 
7. 23° Gemini Fixed Star Alnilam (Orion’s Belt)
8. 25° Gemini Fixed Star Al Hecka (Taurus)



Within the night’s sky the brightest of the eight star that will be in conjunction with the new moon is fixed star Capella  meaning this star will have a strong influence. This star also is the most fortunate of the eight which gives tremendous amount of honor, abundance, wealth as well as notes journeys or trips will be planned or taken at this time. Also this star is very fond of knowledge so our brains and head chakras will be deeply affected.
The star Mintaka is within the Orion’s Belt and is conjunct this New Moon. Mintaka lends to the energy strength, endurance, self-confidence, happiness. On the downside this star is showing me a storm brewing which this star is within the constellation that is favorable for storms and severe weather. Also Mintaka has magickal Angelic energy which upon certain traditions beliefs The Archangels reside on Mintaka watching over human and planetary affairs. This means that Mintaka will lend a rather activating energy for the middle of next week.



Last but not least we have the fixed star El Nath which is the Taurus’s north horn. This is another fortunate conjunction for the new moon which also is focused around neutralizing positive and negative energy. Work with drawing magick and crown of success magick during this time for new beginnings as well as growing success. Anything done or worked under this placement will have great success due to these fortunate conjunctions that the New Moon is having with these magnificent light bearers.



Benefits of Prep Seq. Solstice & New Moon Transmission

Good Luck & Very Fortunate
Third Eye Chakra Intensification 
Clairaudience amplification 
Upgrades of Mind Body Spirit 
Energy & Body Template Upgrade to Hold New Octave 



On June 13, 2018 on the evening of the New Moon I (Rev. Bryan Rawls-Dolzer) will be within protected circle calling in the 4 elements and allowing for the The Council of 22 (which is a council made up of one individual from each galaxy) will begin the preparatory sequence for the Solstice and New Moon 22° Gemini Transmission. This transmission and preparatory sequence will also prepare our bodies to begin to accumulate codes and sequences of light to hold the new octave of the next record.


Participate with me in this Preparatory Solstice Coding & New Moon 22° Gemini Transmission by participation fee of $25.00 which can be purchased through this link (


After purchase, reply back with your First & Last Name and you will receive the Mp3 on June 13, 2018 by 12 am midnight. I look forward to you all joining me.

Let Angel Wings Guide Your Dreams, 
Rev. Bryan Rawls-Dolzer 
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