Summer Solstice Gateway Activation

Summer Solstice
The time quickens as we move steadily down the path to the energy of the Summer Solstice on June 21, 2018. The sun will be positioned in the astrological sign of Cancer which brings a influx of intuitive energy to us naturally. The watery nature of Cancer as a extreme influence on our psyche which is up-leveling us tremendously. We all know that the Summer Solstice is the beginning of the Summer Season for us here in the Northern Hemisphere folks in the Southern Hemisphere are celebrating Winter Solstice. Summer Solstice is known for its intense energy of the Sun which is very beneficial to us star-seeds, light-workers, and spiritual folks due to us celebrating the magickal wheel of the year. Midsummer eve and Midsummer day are very magickal times to gather magickal supplies out in nature and to also bless, consecrate, cleanse and commune with deity, nature, elementals or spirit. 
This summer solstice marks a special gateway for humanity to walk more deeply within the energy of Saharra, she says that this gateway will intensify your code sequence to the new 22 multi galactic diamond codes which will encode the body for full human potential. Saharra says, ” The way your thoughts and perceptions are now will not be the same once you all pass through the threshold of The Summer Solstice Gateway.” This gate way has a sequence of solar codes that will up-level, intensify, clarify, and empower our subconscious mind to go beyond our normal bio energetic capability. This gateway is a opening to a new reality a new world sort of speak. 

Benefits of Solstice Gateway Activation 

  • Intensification of 22 Multi Galactic Diamond Codes 
  • Activation of Brain Lobes ( Right/Left Hemisphere, Frontal, Parietal, Occipital, Cerebellum, Temporal & Brain Stem
  • Activation of DNA Strands 
  • Awakening of Full Human Potential
We also have another transit that needs to be mentioned within the energies of Midsummer and that is Venus opposing Mars which is a transit that has a lot of emotional energy which makes the masculine feminine energies within the body become unbalanced. This transit tends to make relationships a bit tense not only love relationships, but all sense of relationships. The upside of this placement makes folks more creative and are able to express themselves better. This is a time where self expression will be enhanced. 
In Light of Midsummer, Rev. Bryan will be doing a ceremony to bring us through the energy of the Summer Solstice Gateway on June 21, @ approx. 9 am ET to participate in this Summer Solstice Gateway Activation click the following link to make your participation
It is priced at $25.00 USD. Once purchase has been made your name will go on the list to be guided through the Summer Solstice Gateway. Rev. Bryan will personally work with each person’s bio energetic field remotely to make sure that the activation and transition from this reality to the next. Allow your greatest potential to shine through like the star you are! 
Saharra says ” Summer Solstice Gateway will empower humanity with full DNA Activation, activation will progress to the opening of the next record.” Stand firm in your power and know you are creators by design. 

Let Angel Wings Guide Your Dreams, 

Rev. Bryan Rawls-Dolzer 


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