Full Moon in 6° Capricorn Transmission

Full Moon in Capricorn
The powerful magisterial force of Saturn conjunction with the Full Moon in 6° Capricorn this will be a rather interesting placement as the emotional energies will have a serious note to it. The 6° being activated means, that the energies of the humanitarian will be in full activation. Full moon energy allows for awakening and enhancement of the psyche in all areas with this awakening the master in form.
With the full moon being in the astrological sign of Capricorn, it is a Earth sign and is asking us to apply some discipline within our foundation so that the structure of our bio energetic field can under go the upcoming upgrades to carry the new octave of energy our full potentiated DNA has obtained. As our newly evolved DNA upgrades more intensely with this full moon energy it will increase the likelihood for any lingering limitations to be revealed. Once any limitation comes to the full exposure of the light of the full moon, the full moon will transmute the limitation into neutral energy to restore areas of the bio energetic field that’s lacking.
This Full Moon also will contribute to a increase of intuition due to the placement of the Moon trine Uranus. Trust your instinct when you venture out in a social atmosphere some folks may perceive to be rather serious or intense do not worry too much its just the influence of Saturn. Saharra says” Pay attention to your dreams for your dream time will reveal what’s to prevail.” 

Benefits of 6° Capricorn Transmission 

  • Full Anchoring of Activated DNA 
  • Enhancement of Intuition and Dreams
  • Awakening of Avatar Energy 
  • Activation of The Humanitarian Archetype 
  • Full Dismantle of Limitations
  • Full Activation & Explanation of The Seer Codes 
Saharra says ” This Full Moon will have a unusual sequence of codes within the trine energy it shares with Uranus this sequence is The Seer Code Sequence.” This sequence will intensely upgrade the Third Eye, Fourth Eye and Crown Chakra’s to greatly intensify the perception and explanation of the Seer Code Sequence. 
In the early morning hours of June 28, 2018 Rev. Bryan will be within ceremony bringing in the energy of the 6° Capricorn Transmission.
To participate you can click link here>>> paypal.me/amagickaljourney/25 . Your name will be placed within the Transmission plate on the altar and will be successfully uploaded with The Seer Code Sequence. Remember Creators By Design we ARE! 
P.S. The Universe has revealed the next Record which I will do a Facebook Live or Recorded MP3 to explain a bit about the upcoming record and more info that was revealed just today on June 23, 2018.

Let Angel Wings Guide Your Dreams, 

Rev. Bryan Rawls-Dolzer 
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