Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 4° 44′ Aquarius Transmission

Full Moon in Aquarius
As we step forth within the ending of the month of July we feel this energy very raw and intrusive within our emotional bodies. This full moon lunar eclipse is at 4° 44′ Aquarius which means that this energy allows another emotional reset. This emotional reset will make the body feel a bit apprehensive as we shift into the reset.  It will be quickened by the influences of the placement of the planets and stars in alignment with this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. There are influences from the following planets that will make this shift a bit tense, Mars, Saturn, and Uranus with main influences coming from the planet Mars. 
The powerful planet Mars is within a retrograde period and is the one of the main influences to this Full Lunar Eclipse Moon. The Moon being in conjunction with Mars and it being retrograde may have some interesting effects on our confidence and bravery as well as our mood. We shift into this emotional reset with a knowing that we will be just fine but it will be a bit of a tense ride similar to that of a roller coaster ride within your emotional bodies, and a deep seated fear of disaster which will be cleared through the illumination of the Moon after the Lunar Eclipse. This Lunar Eclipse also being a Blood Moon, having a blood red tint to it due to its light refracting through the Earth’s Atmosphere. This Lunar Eclipse and Mars is within the Head of The Sea Goat, Capricorns Constellation. There’s also a number of fixed stars in this region that allow a perception of patience and trust within this shift. 

04°01′ Aquarius – fixed star Giedi

04°18′ Aquarius – fixed star Dabih

04°44′ Aquarius – Moon

04°58′ Aquarius – fixed star Oculus


​If you look at the above fixed stars and the Moon you will see a interesting number pattern giving a interesting flare to this emotional reset. You see the number sequence of fours which gives you a deep trusting feeling and nurturing of the unseen realm. The Moon squares Uranus which will give the rapid fluctuation of our moods which will make the emotional reset a bit tense. You may experience a bit of jumpiness and anxiousness during the first half of July 27 which the peak of Full Moon Lunar Eclipse peaks at 4:20 pm ET. The Moon also has an alignment with Saturn which will give the protective force that will see us through this reset. Saharra Says, “This emotional reset will enable everyone to receive the second set of key codes to use the Saharra Stargate effectively. This is one of the empowerment rituals to empower the Stargate for optimal functionality.” 
The fixed star Giedi and Dabih will give an immense amount of Trust & Faith in oneself. While the moon illuminates the path for the fixed star Oculus to deliver a upgrade to your second sight and reveal new information pertaining to your Soul’s Path. This eclipse will set the course for the Saharra Stargate to be revealed and new information about Stargate and Portal technology to brace humanity for the New Earth Shift that we are an illuminated part of. 

Benefits of Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 4°44′ Aquarius Transmission:

Download of Second Set of Key Codes for Saharra Stargate (To use Saharra Stargate properly)

Upgrades to Second Sight & Perception 

Deep Peaceful Sense of Patience, Trust, & Faith 

Stargate & Portal Codes (New Code Sequence to Effectively Activate & Operate Stargates and Portals) 

Emotional Body Reset 

Ascension Upgrade (Light Body Upgrade)


In Light of The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in 4°44′ Aquarius, Rev. Bryan will be guiding each of the participants through the Lunar Eclipse energies and Full Moon energies as smoothly as possible.

The Participation fee for Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 4°44′ Aquarius Transmission is $25.00 USD and can be paid at the following link paypal.me/amagickaljourney/25

After clicking link and purchasing please Reply back to this email with First and Last Name so you can be placed in Transmission Plate. 
Saharra says that you will want to make sure that you receive these coding due to the Saharra Stargate being soon revealed. This stargate will hold capabilities beyond what humans deem understandable. Remember, We Are Creators By Design and Design is what we are Created By.
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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3 Responses to Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 4° 44′ Aquarius Transmission

  1. Janet Young says:

    Hey, Brian. I am trying to pay $25.00 through Pay Pal for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Activation but, on my screen, there is no “submit” button. Of course, I have tried scrolling down, but I seem to be at the bottom of the page and unable to make the transaction go through. What should I do?

    Fondly, Janet Young

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  2. Janet Young says:

    Good morning Bryan,

    Last night I sent you an email that said I could not find the “submit payment” button in order to participate in the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse BUT, I just tried it again, and this time it all worked fine. Please include my name on your roster: Janet Lee Young. Thanks.


    Janet Young


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