Road Opening Service & New Reading Available (Bone Reading)


On Monday August 6, 2018 I (Rev. Bryan) will be doing a group working/service where I will open each individual’s pathways. This service will performed with  Legba. Legba is the spirit of the crossroads, if you visualize yourself standing in the middle of a 4 way crossroads. The 4 roads are different areas of your life such as Finances, Relationships, Spirituality, and Career. Legba is very committed to humanity in keeping our roads opened he also is what we call our Leader of our Gate Keeper guides. The service that will be done, will be done at Papa Legba’s Altar and each individual that participate’s will receive a picture of Papa’s service altar and will receive a mp3 recording of the working/service.

The participation fee is $21.00 and you can use the following link to sign up. Individual’s that have signed up will receive the mp3 and .jpg on Monday August 6, at 4 pm. 

The Service/Working will begin 3 pm ET and the energy will peak at 3:33 pm EST. Papa Legba is connected with the number three so if you would like to also offer a candle light, glass of water and then 3 pennies to Papa, I know he will be very appreciative. I hope you all take advantage of this Special Offer because this opens all doors, unblocks any distortions or destruction within your paths, also opens the door to the spirit world and last but not least is very grounding . Please email me your First & Last name and birth date so that your name is on list. So I hope you join Papa and I as we open the door to endless possibilities.



Bone Reading

I am also presenting a New Reading called “Bone Reading.”  Bone Reading is a form of divination that allows access to powerful potent guidance using animal bones, nuts, shells, and curios such as dice or beads. This is a very ancient form of divination and it is a form that I’ve known how to divine with it, worked with it personally but usually just for personal guidance regarding information for myself from my Ancestors. The Ancestors directly speak through the “Bones.”  So you all are probably asking, “Why now are you just presenting it?”  I was guided to present it now because the energy is changing ever so rapidly, also they said the information from the Ancestors is important for our progression on the path to Ascension. 

The bone reading is done on a cloth with a particular symbol on it which allows the bridge between our realm and the spirit realm. I basically ask for any questions or ask you to think about your questions. I summon Papa Legba, Orunmila, La Madama, my Gypsy, and our Ancestors  to attend and witness the reading and to guide and protect the sitter and myself.  I then open the lines of communication, shake up my bones and then cast them out upon the cloth and then go through the interpretations. In a bone reading we touch on each sector of your life and look, feel, or hear any guidance that needs to be given to you also in a bone reading you will receive small prescriptions of workings, candles, crystals that need to be done, burnt, or worn.

This reading is very informative on specific information that comes directly from the Ancestors themselves. I’ve witnessed at times these bones revealing many things that have been buried deep within the psyche. So you may be wondering….  How much do these bone readings cost?

The special pricing for A Magickal Journey’s 30 minute Bone Reading is $44.00 for The month of August to November 2, 2018. <<<< This is the link to purchase the Bone Reading.

I hope you take advantage of this special offer. Once you have purchased the Bone Reading, please email me your receipt and myself or Keri will schedule accordingly. Do understand that this is a 30 minute session and is booked on a first come first serve basis and will only be this price from now til November. Each bone reading the sitter or the one receiving the reading will receive a picture of the layout of the bones on the cloth it will be in .jpg format. So come and sit down with the Guides, Guardians, & Ancestors to receive some information that will be life changing and will allow you be highly optimistic. Allow the information to shift your awareness into understanding more of your divine nature. So Let’s throw the Bones. 

I look forward to the Monday Road Opening Papa Legba Service & Some good ol’ Bone Throwing. Step into The Magick of Creative Expression. Remember We Are Creators! The memories will start to flow more smoothly revealing more after participation in the Papa Legba Service.

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls


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2 Responses to Road Opening Service & New Reading Available (Bone Reading)

  1. says:

    Thank you, Bryan, for this offer. Have just sent you the money. Looking forward for what will be made clear to me…

    The bone reading I will pay a bit later.

    Blessings, Hélena Lambrechtsen, birthdate 31-10-1937


  2. Barbara says:

    I was very fortunate to receive a bone reading with Rev. Bryan Rawls. It was a very unique and powerful experience. Th symbols that manifested for me were so pertinent and accurate for the conditions in my life right now, and I received so much loving guidance and clarity for the next step of my journey. I also received very concrete tools to assist me in my day to day life. I feel so much stronger and eager to see the fruits of this reading unfold. This reading was so in depth…like nothing I have experienced before…I am totally blown away. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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