New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse Leo 18° Transmission

New Moon in Leo2


As we approach this upcoming New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo at 18° there are some alignments and placements that are quite interesting. First of all, I would like for you all to note that is the final eclipse of the eclipse season also it falls on August 11, and 2+0+1+8=11 so this accesses a 11:11 portal that will be monumental in activation of dimensional awareness. This will be a shift into high gear as the wheel of the year turns and the energy continues to quickens. The frequency of the crystalline grids will be heavily affected during this transmission. 

This new moon is a very ideal time to make fresh starts or even begin anew in a whole different frequency. This moon is within the astrological sign of Leo The Lion which encompasses the energy of the Lion’s Gateway. The Lion’s Gateway acts as the catalyst for the frequency shift that this New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse will enforce. If you focus on the energy of this catalyst you will see that this is the last star-gate codes that Saharra will upgrade for you all. She states,” This Star-Gate is the catalyst that will unveil and clear all the impossibilities that hold, on this 3-D/5D grid system and will activate all sentient beings into hyper awareness.” The New Moon is directly in the perfect sign to show courageous personal power as we step fully into being a leader into a awareness where nothing is impossible.

Solar Eclipses are in my opinion more magickal because of the moon darkening the sun. This solar eclipse has some interesting influences such as conjunct Mercury Retrograde, and square Jupiter and some conjunction to the following fixed stars.
13° fixed star Acubens – directs energy within personal power and spiritual attributes 
14° Mercury Retrograde – (Lol, We all know what this does)
15° fixed star Dubhe – directs energy within the Healer within
17° Asteroid Pallas – directs clarity and truth, Divine Femnine
18° Partial Solar Eclipse 
19° fixed star Merak – directs a commanding disposition


If you see above the Partial Solar Eclipse sits between an asteroid and a fixed star. The Mercy Retrograde is in full swing at 14°, which may make some uneasy and anxious just take deep breaths and focus before taking action. 

Pallas is a asteroid that is in close proximity with the Partial Solar Eclipse. She is known as the “Goddess of Wisdom” and represents the creative intelligence. Up close and personal with the partial solar eclipse it signifies a quest for clarity and truth and also shows the energetic capacity for activating deep channels of healing especially around relationships not just love relationships all relationships. The partial solar eclipse is squared one of the biggest planets in our solar systems Jupiter which can make you feel on top of the world and all powerful. Be very mindful at this time and show great discipline and moderation. Mercury is also squared Jupiter at 0°06′, which allow you a level of discernment that will be very practical and easy to comprehend the communication of spirit. 

Benefits of the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse:

  • Download of Third Set and Final Set of Key Codes for Saharra Stargate ( To use Saharra Stargate properly)
  • Upgrades to Personal Power and Sense of Trust
  • Clarifying of Opportunities, Deep Sense of Clarity 
  • New Star-Gate and Portal Code Upgrades ( to effectively operate Star-Gates and Portals) 


Overall, the power that this New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse will bestow upon is definitely something you will not want to let a opportunity slip through hands like this, plus the last of the Saharra Stargate Coding before the big reveal. Saharra says, “This Star-Gate once fully coded will be empowered to be used to empower, guide, and protect individuals beyond what human ideology can define.” The peak of New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse is few minutes before sunrise on Aug 11, at 5:57 am ET which the ceremony will be performed then you will receive a recorded mp3. The participation fee for The New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse 18° Leo Transmission is $33.00 and can be purchased at the following link:

Once you’ve purchased you will be placed upon the Altar for the energy of the New Moon P. Solar Eclipse in 18° Leo to be transmitted. Just need First and Last name. I look forward to our divine time together as we step ever so deeply into the Saharra Stargate! Remember stay Tuned for the Big Reveal of The Saharra Star-Gate.

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls

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  1. says:

    Yes, Bryan, I like to take part in this transmission. Blessings for all you do, Hélena Lambrechtsen


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