Full Moon 3° Pisces Transmission

Full Moon in Pisces


This upcoming alluring Full Moon is at 3° Pisces on August 27, 2018 will definitely affect our consciousness deeply in many different areas. The influencing of two fixed stars and a grand trine and a minor trine making this Full Moon extra exciting in areas of development and success. So, with the energy of the Full Moon being in the astrological sign of Pisces we all know that this is time when things are hyper-sensitive and everything is all mysterious and day-dreamy. This is also a time when our intuition is on point and we must not second guess ourselves. Also, they call this moon the sturgeon moon which a sturgeon is actually a fish, its interesting how precise our Ancestors were when coming up with our history. 

This Full Moon being in the astrological sign of Pisces and in alignment to two fixed stars named, Sadalmelik and Fomalhaut which deeply influence our consciousness. The fixed star Sadalmelik is by far the closest of the two stars but is also a fairly small star which with it being conjunct the full moon it has a deep impact within occult energy and also very favorable for obtaining great success. With this star having complimentary aspects with the planets Saturn and Uranus it has a positive influence of manifesting success. The fixed star Fomalhaut is a all around important star to begin with, this star is one of the stars that is of “The Four Pillars” or “The Four Royal Stars”. This fixed star represents Archangel Gabriel which is the one that appeared to the Prophet Daniel or is known as The Messenger of God. Fomalhaut is in conjunction with the full moon means that there is a lot of upgrades and energy around communication and our psychic abilities especially around enhancing and moving up to the next level or spiritual vibration. It also enhances the energy of our cosmic structure which is our Divine blueprint. 

The Full Moon Grand Trine is with Sun, Saturn, and Uranus which brings great success and achievement in endeavors surrounding ceremony and ritual. It also brings increased awareness and increased intuition. This Grand Trine brings about a transitioning phase in your life, anything that is altered at this time with run particularly smoothly due to its smooth transitional energies. This trine is ideal for cool and calmness to allow you to slip into your creative side and bring about a increased focus on your projects. The Full Moon Minor Grand Trine is formed by the Moon, Saturn and Uranus which a minor grand trine gives a deep sense of curiousness about the wonders of life and also about the understanding of belief systems that are not familiar. This minor grand trine awakens inherent talents, gifts, accessing spiritual attribute from past lives, and future lives. These trines together bring about a monumental upgrade and installment of data and information that pertinent to our psychic development and advancement. 


Some of the Benefits of This Transmission: 

  • Upgrade & Installment of Psychic Talents, Gifts, &/or Abilities
  • Enhancement of Ritual and Ceremony ( This means do your intention rituals at the same time I do this ceremony for you all) 
  • Enhanced Manifestation 
  • Awakening of SaHarra Stargate 
  • Devotion, Enhanced Prayers, Enhancement of Creativity


In Light of this Full Moon in 3° Pisces Rev. Bryan, will be in ceremony at peak of Full Moon to encode and install the Lunar Coding properly for each participant.

The participant fee is $33.00 which can be purchased at the specified link >>>paypal.me/amagickaljourney/33

After purchasing please email me your First and Last name so that you can be placed within the Full Moon Bowl and then on the evening of August 27 by 12 midnight you will receive a mp3 recording of The Full Moon 3° Pisces Transmission and Focal Altar Picture.

Walk this magickal journey with us as we step every so quickly into the evolution of our planet and our soul. We are Creator’s by Design. Awaken to your sacred architecture of your soul and walk the energetic pathways of remembrance and we awaken to the remembrance of what your soul was put here to do. 

SaHarra awaits you on the other side of the gate. Let Angel Wings Guide Your Dreams! Blessed Be, Namaste!!! 

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls


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