Autumnal Equinox & Full Moon 2° Aries Transmission


We approach the Autumnal Equinox with the energy of the Full Moon upon us. This will enable us to look at the environment around us and realize that we approaching the season of tremendous change. The Autumnal Equinox brings about that change with the changing of the season from Lughnasadh to Mabon. This is the wheel of the year as we step forward to understand the cycle of life, and our role in the changing of our Earth Mother. As we allow the wheel to turn, our body, mind, and soul will receive the necessary upgrades to move forward on the magickal journey we were placed here to tend to. 

The Full Moon in 2° Aries packs a fiery punch and will exhibit challenging energies due to it being squared Saturn. With it being a full moon the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn which creates what is called a T-square. A T-square astrologically means that this is a point within a chart that shows three points locked into 90° angles, which there is usually a focal planet and in this case the focal planet is Saturn. The full moon is also conjunct Chiron and is opposite Mercury which convolutes the restrictions created by the Saturn T-square. This will be a bit taxing on your personal energy feeling as if you are being drained. There will be a sequence of tests and challenges that will be acknowledged by the opposition and squares that will see you through these ups and downs. We do have two other aspects which are, Mars and Uranus which gives us the courage and opportunity to overcome hardships and adversities within our day to day lives. 

The moon is also opposite Mercury which brings our feelings and how we communicate our feelings in the spotlight. With the moon opposing mercury it allows for an upgrade and enhancement to our empathic and clairsentience abilities. This is a time of quiet reflection and looking inward allowing the upgrade to flow fluidly through your energetic field. We must remember as hard as it may be at times to try to find our balance during these aspects. There will be intense heart healing, opening and assessment and clearing of deep wounds that have been hidden since we came through the stargate called birth. 

This full moon is conjunct Chiron which brings up past memories of our childhood and also past lives. It will awaken these memories and make way for our spiritual team to heal the deep wounds made within the etheric body. Chiron will also teach us the inherit abilities that are awaiting reawakening within the past lives that we’ve had before. This will enable the soul to remember what was once long forgotten. Uranus aspect to this Full Moon will enhance our visionary state and bring about a change within our perception and allows us to see what once was hidden in all aspects. 

Benefits of Autumnal Equinox & Full Moon in 2° Aries Transmission

  • Upgrade and Enhancement of Empathic/Clairsentience 
  • Remembering Our Past Life Abilities & Memories 
  • Healing of Old Past Life Wounds 
  • Autumnal Equinox Light Body Upgrade 
  • Upgrade of Perception &  Awakening and Activation of The Visionary
  • Heart Healing & Assessment & Clearing of Deep Emotional Wounds 


On the evening of September 24, Rev Bryan will be in ceremony bringing each of you through the Autumnal Equinox and Full Moon in 2° Aries Transmission.

To participate in this Equinox and Full Moon Transmission please use the following link  >>>>

The participation fee is $33.00 USD and your name will be placed upon the altar for the Ceremony. After participation fee is completed, hit reply to this email and send back just your name and you will be placed upon the altar. Give yourself the deep healing energy that you deserve and sign up with Rev. Bryan and the ceremony of The Autumnal Equinox & Full Moon 2° Aries. Click the Blue Link and Join us for A Magickal Journey!

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls

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