New Moon in 15° Libra Transmission

New Moon in Libra


It is now time we approach the dark moon on October 8, at approx. 11:56 p.m. ET. The New Moon in 15° Libra is conjunct Ceres square Pluto. This brings in deep tests of faith and trust in oneself as the nurturing side of the feminine aspect comes into play here. You will be shown where transformation needs to take place in your life. As we step forth within these aspects we see that the divine feminine will bring about great change in conjunction with what is going on within our world. You must remember with the energies of the new moon we don’t have the Sun’s energy on our side, we must rely solely on our instinctual natures during periods of the dark moon. 

The New Moon conjunct Ceres is where the divine feminine comes into play and where we must trust our inner instincts to guide us through this thick energy. Ceres allows us to look at the aspect of the divine feminine in the archetypal aspect of the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother in this perception of the New Moon conjunct Ceres, so we see that she is expressing her need to heal the devastation upon planet earth that is currently happening. This aspect also activates more of the divine healing abilities within allowing our assignments as star-seed’s to participate in the divine healing of star-ship Gaia. 

The New Moon square Pluto allows you to understand that we are within a deep transformation upon planet earth. We come into the understanding in this placement that with our healing abilities being activated by the conjunction of the New Moon with Ceres. That the Divine Mother is bringing our healing abilities into focus to transform and change the environment and frequency of mother earth with the squaring placement of New Moon and Pluto. Great Change is among us and all we have to do is trust our inner instinctual nature here and trust we as beings of light will change the frequency of planet earth as we know it and upgrade our divine wisdom as star-seeds being united with oneness. 

Benefits of this Transmission: 

  • Transformation & Change 
  • Activation of The Inner Healer 
  • Activation of The Divine Feminine 
  • Light Body Upgrade & Frequency Upgrade
  • Trust of Inner Instinctual Nature
  • Faith and Trust Upgrade for Self
  • Upgrade to Star-Seed DNA


In the darkness of this wonderful time, Rev. Bryan will be beginning Dark Moon Ritual at approx 11:00 p.m. ET, Monday October 8, 2018.

Participation link for purchase is

Originally the New Moon & Full Moon Activations are $33-$35 but we are discounting this activation so everyone has a chance to upgrade their star-seed DNA for Change and Transformation that each of us so deserve. Remember we are in this together and as we are together we are one! So step into this Divine oneness as we receive the assignments of healing ourselves and star-ship Gaia!

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls

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