Full Moon in 1° Taurus Transmission

Full Moon in Taurus


The bustling of the leaves and the rapid changing Autumn colors are definitely enticing the Full Moon in 1° Taurus allowing for the intense fluctuation of cosmic energies that is approaching Mother Earth. These cosmic energies are creating metamorphosis within the star-seeded DNA in a numerous of ways. The current aspects that we are going through with this Full Moon are Moon conjunct Uranus, Moon opposing Venus, Venus opposing Uranus, Venus sextile Saturn, Moon trine Saturn. The Taurus full moon is also in beneficial aspects with some very influential fixed stars these being aspects such as with fixed star Mirach and Uranus be in conjunction with fixed star Mira. The activation of star-seeded DNA is critical at this time in our bio-evolutionary process upon planet earth for our awakening of the Human genome, this Full Moon will definitely assist in this evolution of humanity.

The aspect of Full Moon conjunct Uranus and Uranus conjunct fixed star Mira, the air will be full of intense energy and a level of uncertainty that will make folks a bit uneasy. This change will mark a enormous shift in excitement that will be applied mainly to love and relationship but will also go through series of practical events. This energy shift will also be applied directly to your financial sector as well, which will bring in some uncertainties. This is where the transmission of the full moon will allow some stability within these two affected sectors. When these two sectors (love/relationships & finances) are effected, people begin to show hostility and emotions of fears, the transmission will assist in this. Uranus conjunct Mira will affect many star-seeds around feelings of versatility and progression on their path’s. They will question their path’s endurance of the continuation of following through with it. 

The following aspects of Moon opposing Venus, Venus opposing Uranus and Uranus and the Moon being in conjunction with Mirach there will be a vast amount of energy affecting the Andromeda Star-seeds and numerous energies coming onto the planet from galaxies such as Andromeda (M-31), Triangulum (M-33), Mirach’s Ghost (NGC-404). These galaxies will beam stellar activation codes towards planet earth in colossal monumental waves affecting the Star-Seeded DNA of a numerous amount of Star-Seed lineages. There is a incredible amount of devotion, love, and beauty within these aspects allowing for wonderful awakening to open up monumental amounts of opportunities for star-seeds and other cosmic beings to not only bring in communication, but also, abilities such as psychic abilities and medium-ship are enhanced and inspired during these particular placements. This also signals energies of change for humanities evolutionary process opening doors of awareness to bring about understandings of current earthly changes. Whatever your situation is, remember that you can manifest opportunities in many areas of your life through the power of the Universal Laws. What we think about we bring about and Ask and You Shall Receive. We tend to forget things in the crazy bustle of mundane life. We must step into the energy of purpose and find our role in humanities game of chance. 


Benefits of Transmission: 

  • Awakening of Star-Seed Memories
  • Star-Seed DNA Upgrade 
  • Stellar Key Code Activation 
  • Awakening/Enhancing of inherit Star-Seed Gifts 
  • Endurance Activation 
  • Love/Relationship & Financial & Commitment Security 
  • Road/Path Opening Opportunities
  • Galaxy Master Key Codes Activation
  • Awareness of Other Galaxy Life times 


Last but not least, the last two aspects is with the powerful planet of Saturn which is Venus sextile Saturn and Moon trine Saturn which bring about the energies of human desires and needs. There is a deep need of companionship with these two aspects due to their close proximity with the moon. This aspect, if single allows one to find true love and also awakens commitment in relationships that are having issues with it. Moon trine Saturn gives a tremendous amount of patience and emotional strength to handle sensitivities. The above two placements do allow for strong inherit intuitive skills and amazing common sense. 
In Light of the Full Moon 1° of Taurus,  Rev. Bryan will be commencing ceremony on Wednesday October 24, 2018 and will bringing through all participants properly and successfully through the energies of the Full Moon and also through a DNA upgrade to the Star-Seeded DNA.
Participation fee for the following Transmission is $30.00 USD and can be purchased at the following link paypal.me/amagickaljourney/30 
After you have made the participation fee you will need to email Rev. Bryan and send in your First and Last Name so that you can receive full benefit of Transmission and Star-Seed DNA Upgrade. Saharra says, “This transmission and upgrade is monumental in the evolution of all starseeds. Awakening to your memories and inherit abilities of Off Planet Existences is what these energy shifts will assist humanity with.”  Join us in this amazing Monumental SHIFT!!! 
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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