Samhain Blessing and Apple Blessing

Samhain Blessing


The veil thinning rapidly as the energies ascend closer to All Hallows’ Eve or better known as Samhain. Samhain is one of the major festivals of The Wheel of the Year. It is known also as The Witches New Year, Festival of The Ancestors or Festival of Apples.  Boundaries between our worlds is at its thinnest. It’s a time where our ancestors are shown honor, remembrance and reverence.

In Gaelic history this was a time when the Sun King is sacrificed back to the land, just as seed and leaf fall to the land, until winter solstice, which is the beginning of the dark half of the year. This allows the crone the opportunity to rest, relax and reflect upon the past. This is when also the crone mourns the death of the Sun King until his rebirth at Yule. Remember now that the seed is within the earth and The Winter is to come and the seed will germinate beneath the soil as the seasons change and the cycles continue. This also allows the seed of discovery within self to germinate into new discoveries of self.

Ancestor Veneration is practiced in many religions around the world. Traditionally there are many practices used to honor the Ancestors, such as the Ancestor Altar and also a tradition known as the feeding of the ancestors, which includes libation. A Candle Ceremony for the Ancestors is also a nice way of incorporating this in your practice. Remember to take what resonates with you and leave the rest behind. 

In Light of Samhain, Rev. Bryan will be doing (2) special practices in The Samhain Circle:  a Samhain Blessing and The Apple Blessing. Apples are known as a sacred and magickal fruit. Also the apple is known as a symbol of life and immortality.

The apple blessing is where each apple will be cut horizontally revealing a pentacle (a five pointed star shape)  for each participant and the name of each participant will be written on a laurel leaf and then tied with a red cotton ribbon and then buried within the circle. Each apple will be received by the earth as a libation to The Ancestors and The Goddess and in return each participant will be blessed by the Ancestors and the Goddess for upcoming magickal year. The Samhain Blessing will be recorded in mp3 format and be sent to each participant. 

For Participation in The Samhain Blessing and The Apple Blessing, the cost is $30.00 USD and Date of Ritual will be October 31, 2018. Please use the following link to purchase your spot within the Ritual >>>>

After Purchase, please email your First and Last Name so that it can be prepared upon the Laurel Leaf. The Samhain Blessing and Picture of Apples of Participants will be sent to all participants on the morning of November 1st once returned from Place of Ceremony. 
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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