11:11:11 Portal Activation



We are approaching a very magickal portal of great awakening and activation as we step forth on the 11th day of the 11th month of a 11 year. The 11:11:11 holds extreme significance in spirituality which is a gate or corridor to ascended realms of existence. The 11:11:11 is also known as a Ascension Code which activate neural matrix inside the brain and activates the fire letters inside the DNA to access a magickal array of high dimensional energies. The number 11 is a opening in itself which if you envision it in your minds eye it opens a direct portal between intention and manifesting capabilities. The number 11 also acts as a passageway between the 3rd and 5th dimension.

Which ultimately means we are within a 11:11:11 Portal which allows a multiple things to take place such as the following:

  • Body, Mind, Soul Reset
  • Soul & DNA Reprogramming
  • Enhancement of Psychic Abilities 
  • Change of our Perception 
  • Increased Clarity 
  • Vivid Dreams
  • Increased Opportunities 
  • Exciting Opportunities
  • Chakra Re-Alignment 
  • Integration of Past,Present,Future Experiences
  • Supreme Manifesting 
  • Abundance of Blessings

The 11:11:11 Portal/Gateway will be opening exactly 11:11 am & 11:11 pm and will have two exact access points for each individual to receive maximum benefit of energies. In Light of this portal, Rev. Bryan will be opening two entry points for all participants. The 11:11 am entry point will be a physical entry point where he will work with each individual energy to move through this corridor of light. The second entry point of 11:11 pm he will bring through a 11:11:11 Activation for Humanity.

The participation fee for this energetic activation will be $25.00 USD and can be purchased through the following link >>>>>>>>  paypal.me/amagickaljourney/25

After using the purchase link to make your participation fee please email Rev. Bryan just your FIRST and LAST name to make sure you have been placed on List. On the evening of 11:11:2018 you will receive a .mp3 of the Gateway Activation by 11:45 pm ET.

Please listen to the mp3 with stereo Headphones 3 x times for maximum benefit. You will experience a magnitude of magickal possibilities participating in this magickal corridor of light.

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls


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