The Opening of The Book of Kna’Sera, The Winter Solstice & The Full Moon in 0° Cancer Transmission


Wow!!! Already Winter Solstice and it feels as if we just opened the Book of Sa’Harra but we have come to the Winter Solstice and the opening of The Book of Kna’Sera and also on December 22, 2019 Full Moon in 0° Cancer Transmission. The Full Moon being in the watery sign of Cancer and at galactic degree especially is highly sensitive in many different areas of our lives. Also this Full Moon is very special with it being in 0° because when a Full Moon is in galactic degree it means that its extremely influential upon the inhabitants of planet earth and star seeds. Also with this being the last full moon of 2018 this makes way for the new energy of The Book of Kna’Sera to bring in the evolution that it is intended to generate for humanity. The energies of the new book and the full moon together will be a life changing event that will bring about a adventurous path of enlightenment and evolution for HU-mans and Star-Seeds.

This full moon is all about exciting new adventures, positive transformation, exciting surprises that will be life altering for many of us. Of course the energies of 0° Cancer it is obviously going to be highly emotionally sensitive allowing our extra sensory abilities to be upgrading and escalating to never before seen accuracy. The key to this shift of your awareness and to your psychic abilities heightening is that you must trust what you receive. This Full Moon is no accident with it being so close to The Book of Kna’Sera because that what Kna’Sera is all about is Trust, Expansion, Monumental Shifts within the HU-man DNA. This will exceed what our human brain is capable of. This is the shifting of our Master Self. Also what is so exciting is that this Full Moon also joins with a super giant red star Betelgeuse which is within the constellation of Orion, which this star is all about Power, Integrity, and Wealth. This means also that opportunities may arise, that you must not turn down. Also this star joining with this Full Moon also intuitively means that new people will approach that will lend important information for your financial and career sector of your life. 
The Full Moon makes one planetary aspect with the planet Uranus, which has a alluring and captivating energy to it which grants exhilarating invitations and exciting events to occur. This planetary aspect also actively makes the intuitive senses and the other psychic perceptions stronger and more expansive than what the normal experience. Also expect valuable interesting information to come forth from this planetary aspect as well as The New Book of Kna’Sera. Uranus also allows the investigative energy to stand at attention when looking for information regarding ones path, expect valuable information to come forward regarding one’s life path. 
Our reality as we know it after December 21 and 22 will feel different in many ways due to increased shifting energies of the Schumann Resonance around mother earth. We’ve been experiencing the increasing of this shift for the past couple of month which basically is the energy leading up to the opening of The Book of Kna’Sera. Our mental emotional and spiritual bodies will feel this shift in many dimensions such as expansion of our extra sensory abilities, experiencing shifts such as loss of time and memories, feelings of oddness, some are even experiencing facial features such as eyes appearing different. The thought processes of our mental bodies will be heavily effected by both the opening of Kna’Sera and the Full Moon due to one this being the first full moon in The Book of Kna’Sera and two the shifts in our perception and how our thoughts are going to be impacted loosing the belief of impossibility. 

Benefits of The Book of Kna’Sera Activation & The Full Moon in 0° Cancer Transmission:

  • Shifts, Up-Grading, Expansion in our mental, emotional, spiritual bodies.
  • Enhancement, Reinforcement, Transformation in our Psychic Abilities & Extra Sensory Perception 
  • Transformation of outdated Belief’s & Value’s 
  • Monumental Shifts within DNA 
  • New Opportunities stepping forward
  • Newfound Trust in Ones Self 
  • Integrity


On December 21, 2018 @ 8 pm ET,  Rev. Bryan will be bringing in the energies of The Book of Kna’Sera, through a ceremony that enhances the way each individual will receive the opening of this magnificent book of amazing shift that we are about to partake in.

In the ceremony, Rev. Bryan will sit with each individual for approximately 15-30 minutes (depending on the rate that it takes the soul to move through safely and with ease and grace) to make sure they receive the proper progression of entering through The Book of Kna’Sera.

The Participation fee for The Book of Kna’Sera Activation is $33.00 and can be purchased through the following link >>> 

On December 22, 2018 @ 8 pm ET Rev. Bryan will be bringing the energies of The Full Moon in 0° Cancer Transmission in for each participate with a Full Moon ceremony.

The Participation Fee for The Full Moon in 0° Cancer Transmission is $22.00 and can be purchased through the following link >>> 

The Book of Kna’Sera Activation and The Full Moon 0° Cancer Transmission can be purchased together @ $55.00 at the following link >>> 

This will be a very important opportunity for each participant due to monumental one in a lifetime shift that these activation will deliver. They have amazing things that will accompany each activation so do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a early Christmas gift and participate.

I hope each of you have a AMAZING CHRISTMAS!!! You all Deserve the most amazing Christmas one could ask for!!!!!

I love you all. BLESSED BE and NAMASTE!!!! 

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls

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